Chris Roberts

Realism In Self Defense Training

More than the Awareness/Avoidance segment of self defense, I think the biggest segment skipped is the verbal assault with realistic language and emotion. Either the instructor isn't comfortable doing, or they're worried about upsetting their clients, but if one can't deal with that, they can't perform any physical concepts! At least start off with a minimum level, and gradually increase the realism. Each client is unique, but you need to take them just out of their comfort zone with the drills once you've established a level of trust with them.
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Chris Roberts

Learn Self Defense with SAFE International

Violence and acts of aggression in general occur in overwhelming proportions throughout the world. Women are not the only target victims - in fact this is a community issue that affects us all, men women and children. SAFE international has taught self defence concepts over the years to thousands of men and women in North America. Our mission as an institution is to condition and socialize our students to achieve personal safety and confidence. SAFE International offers advice on personal safety and concepts of various effective self defence strategies. We present our students with material on safety awareness and effective physical and non-physical resistance technics. We also teach concepts of reducing the likelihood of being victimized...
Chris Roberts

Trusting Your Intuition Can Save Your Life

WomensEbook-1600March 10, 2014, Toronto, Canada - In this SAFE International Self Defense blog I would like to discuss how "Trusting Your Intution Can Save Your Life".  Real self defense is about trusting your intuition, aka, gut feeling, along with awareness and avoidance concepts, verbal strategies, and lastly physical self defense concepts.  If there is one topic that I emphasize more than any other in every self defense seminar I conduct, it is to trust your intution.  Your intuition overrules everything.  What does it overrule?  It overrules that fear of being wrong and looking foolish to others.  Your intuition overrules that feeling that you are just being paranoid.  I would like to share a couple stories I re...

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