Chris Roberts

The Importance Of Self Defense

SAFE Attack TShirt Back WHITEFebruary 27, 2014, Toronto, Canada - In this SAFE International Self Defense Blog I would like to discuss the importance of self defense. Self defense involves more than just learning how to neutralize an opponent with powerful punches and kicks. Self defense is having awareness, assertiveness, verbal confrontation skills, safety strategies, and physical concepts that enable you to successfully prevent, escape, resist, and survive an assault. SAFE International teaches self defense movements that focus on gross motor skills and simple movements. With SAFE International you can expect to learn to be more alert, to recognize danger and have pre-practiced plans to escape it. We give our students simple, effective ways to fend off a...
Chris Roberts

Learn How to Protect Yourself with SAFE Women's Self Defense Parties

SAFE_WSDP_CORP_FFebruary, 24, 2014, Toronto, Canada - In this SAFE International Self Defense Blog, I would like to discuss why you should, "Learn How to Protect Yourself with a SAFE Women's Self Defense Party".  Anyone can be a victim of a crime, regardless of their age, gender and race. Criminals will attack anyone whom they think they can take advantage of.  Although men can be victims of mugging and robbery, our clients are primarily women, who are often the perceived vulnerable targets of cowards.  The stereotype (incorrect in my opinion) that women are weak and passive is what gives these criminals the guts to attack women and get what they want thinking they can get away with it.  During a SAFE women's self defense party we teach...
Chris Roberts

Do You Pressure Test Your Self Defense Training?

February 11, 2014, Toronto, Canada - the majority of people who train self defense want to believe that their self defense skills will really save them if they are in an attack scenario.  In this SAFE International self defense blog I would like to ask anyone who trains in self defense, "Do you pressure test your self defense training?"  Most people will read that and want to believe that what they have learned would certainly save them.  I would ask, "How do you know if what you have learned will save you?"  I never feel 100% certain that what I have learned will save me from harm, or even possible death, but I do feel 100% certain that I have increased my chances of survival due to the fact that I have pressure te...

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