Chris Roberts

Do Not Fear The Stranger so Much in Self Defense

When we conduct our self defense seminars whether that be in high schools, privately, corporately or to a group of women, it is common for many questions to come up in regards to being attacked by the stranger lurking in an alley, on a path, or on the side of the road if your car breaks down when in fact people should look much closer to home, and most times in their own home.  Of course there are attacks committed by strangers, but the vast amount of time the attack will take place by someone known to the victim whether that be a husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or acquaintance.  The statistics do vary, but regardless of where I have found them, they all seem to agree that you are more likely to be attacked by someone known.&...
Chris Roberts

Affordable Home Safety Tips That Work

Protect Your Home From BurglaryI was contacted by a gentleman who found our SAFE International blog to be valuable.  In our discussions we began to speak about Affordable Home Safety Tips That Work.  He was kind enough to send the following information and infographic which I found both interesting and educational which is why I am sharing it with our blog readers.  Our home is supposed to be our safe haven, but sadly it is often the location of violence through break-ins or home invasions for many.   Affordable Home Safety Tips That Work A home is a place of security. People feel safe in their homes. It’s a place where we raise our families, relax, sleep, and enjoy what life has offered us. That being said, not all homes are equally safe. Some homes...
Chris Roberts

To Yell or Not to Yell in Self Defense

An angry young woman shouts with wide open mouth and hands near her face.The majority of our SAFE International clients are women.  One of the questions I often get is, "If an attacker tells me NOT to yell or they will kill me, should I yell?" As always, I can't give any definite answers, but I will ask people to consider the following: -  why do they not want you to yell?  One of the things attackers do not want is to get caught and yelling attracts attention. You may be apprehended at a public location and yelling is often the first and most important strategy.  If taken to a secondary location, the odds of anyone hearing you are drastically reduced.  But again there is no guarantee any strategy will work everytime.  My recommendation is that if you decide to yell, make sure...

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