Chris Roberts

How "Cappers" Attack Online

ISS 7402 05334I have never been very computer savvvy often struggling with technology, but over the years I have worked on educating myself more, particularly in the area of online safety and how it applies to the biggest target market that SAFE International teaches which is our youth.  We spend most of our time teaching how to deal with people who may be face to face to their attacker in regards to violence, but more and more it is becoming popular for "attackers" to use the internet as their way to attack, very often never even coming face to face with their victim.  One high profile case is the one of Amanda Todd who was stalked, bullied, and eventually committed suicide as her way out of this tragedy.  The documentary on Amanda Todd w...
Chris Roberts

What Is The Problem With This Bullying Advice?

I found a website with more than one piece of advice on dealing with bullying that I find to be less than optimal.  The one tip I read was to, "Use visualization. Bullies can be pretty scary. Picturing that person looking silly might help to make them less problematic for you. For example, picture the bully‚Äôs head shrinking, or picture the bully in his or her underwear." I think it might be a little difficult to picture this while the bully is possibly beating on the victim or verbally abusing them.  To say to do something does not mean it can be done without some discussion or tips on how to do it.  Even then how does this cause the bully to change their behaviour? I think we might want to work on building confidence ...

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