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self defence classes houstonAt the helm of SAFE International Houston is Managing Director David Clark. David has varied and valuable real world experiences, to include having served in the US Army as an Infantry Paratrooper, serving the citizens of SC as a police officer and undercover Narcotics Detective, teaching self defense, and most recently, four years working in Afghanistan as a Private Military Contractor. The mission of SAFE International Houston is to teach self defense and situational awareness skills to as many women, men, and children as possible. Why? Because a violent encounter can radically affect a person’s life and feelings of security. SAFE International Houston wants to share their knowledge with others in the hopes that it can be used to help people avoid violence and lead a safer, more secure life. SAFE International has taught more than 180,000 people since 1994 in Canada, Australia, Ireland, Mexico, and the Unites States, and continues to meet the expanding needs of people, corporations, and schools year after year. SAFE International has continuously provided both memorable and effective personal protection instruction through their unique ability to reach clients in a way that enables them to retain and utilize the skills if necessary. We do not teach martial arts, but rather, a practical approach to personal safety.  SAFE International has set an ambitious goal to teach 500,000 people by 2020 and we are well on our way. The goal of every single SAFE International Houston self defense course is to “Empower people to save their own lives!” SAFE International Houston has made a conscious effort to focus on those in the population who most need our services.  While many in the self defense industry focus solely on the physical side of personal protection, SAFE International Houston focuses on all aspects, from the most important awareness & avoidance phase, to intelligent verbal strategies, to the physical concepts you may require to help yourself get home safely to your family. Please look over the website and feel free to send any questions you may have, whether it is about our courses, or opportunities to work with SAFE International.

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