Self Defense Instructor Certification

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Next Course July 7, 8, & 9 - Toronto, Canada

Looking to be Certified to Teach Self Defense?

You definitely came to the right place. SAFE International™ is a world leader in teaching Pure & Applied Self Defense. SAFE International™ has strengthened communities, schools, businesses and households having taught over a quarter of a million people! Since 1994, SAFE International™ has continued to grow globally with instructors in Canada, the United States, Australia, and very soon Finland. 

SAFE International™ continues to lead the way in practical, memorable and effective self defense with the goal of reaching over half a million people by 2020! Be sure to watch this video on how we will accomplish this worthy goal!

The SAFE International™ Certification program is designed for anyone with  interest in expanding their personal protection knowledge or beginning their journey into making the world safer.

Whether you presently teach self defense privately or for an organization, operate a martial arts school, are a corporate or law enforcement trainer or you just want to make your city or community safer, this certification is for you.

Our self defense certification is a holistic and comprehensive workshop, covering personal protection in detail and leaving no stone unturned. We take into great consideration the legal, ethical and moral perspective as well as the often neglected psychological, behavioural and physical aspects.

Why Choose SAFE International™ for Certification?

The benefits are too many to name, but the primary and most important reason is we teach self defense from A to Z. There is a gross misconception that self defense begins and ends with learning a few physical techniques, but nothing could be further from the truth. A credible self defense program recognizes and identifies every aspect of potential violence, from its social and antisocial point of view. This begins with avoidance through prevention via both awareness and a solid understanding of how to avoid making one’s self a target. If awareness fails, then it is imperative to possess the necessary skills to verbally deescalate the confrontation and differentiate between a "good guy" having a bad day and a generally "bad guy" using proven psychological and behavioural tactics to his or her advantage. If defusing fails and the threat persists or escalates, then every aspect of physical self defense is tackled from the ambush to the most common attacks and their defenses.

Chris6The physical skills taught are based on human physiology and anatomy and not martial arts or combatives of any kind as this is not a martial arts or fighting course. Self defense is not a "system" or "style" of fighting; it is a legal term that states that (in North America) you have the moral, legal and ethical right to terminate a threat within the parameters of the law. Self defense is about going home safely, it isn’t about winning or losing, trophies, who started it, justice, revenge, teaching someone a lesson, no, it’s about avoiding confrontation and going home safely. The perception of threat triggers the adrenal stress condition phase causing a massive physiological response to the threat also known as the fight or flight syndrome. Most are paralyzed during that stage due to the shift in cognitive processing, leaving one access to mainly gross movements in contrast to the fine motor skills usually found in most combative disciplines and martial arts. It is critical to understand this.

At SAFE International™, everything we teach is based on experience, training and decades of research into criminology, behavioural psychology and physiology in relation to violence and confrontation. Thousands of hours of testing and observation have gone into training those who are generally deemed as vulnerable and weak and how they react to confrontation with little to no training in order to establish reliable human patterns and reactions to such circumstances, and develop appropriate responses that are bothRich6 natural and conducive to the average civilian regardless of age or gender. Do we guarantee anything? The only guarantee is that our training will and does increase one's chances of survivability through the concepts and principles we teach. No smoke and mirrors, no clever marketing schemes, no fancy acronyms or military jargon, just plain old tried, tested and proven human self defense.

We can assure you that each and every module of the SAFE International™ Instructor Certification has been researched and tested over and over,  even used in countless real world confrontations by both professionals and civilians alike worldwide. The lead instructors of our SAFE International™ Instructor Certification modules are Chris Roberts, founder of SAFE International™ and Richard Dimitri, founder of Senshido International.  Both Chris and Rich need little introduction to anyone who has been involved in the Reality Based Self Defense industry over the past 25 years.

Richard Dimitri and Chris Roberts together have over 50 years of combined self defense experience and training, providing you with the highest quality instruction taught to military, law enforcement, bodyguards, high schools, health care centres, corporations, men, women, seniors and children worldwide since 1994.

What Exactly is the SAFE International™ Instructor Certification Program

SAFE ModulesWe have put together several modules, varying levels of chosen certification in order to give you options and keep it affordable. Whether you’re a novice or are experienced, our first module, SAFE International’s Core Curriculum, is the one to start with as it extensively covers the core fundamentals of SAFE’s self defense program. In fact, the SAFE Core Curriculum certification material has been revised and updated every year for the past 23 years as we always maintain up to date with the world’s current state of affairs regarding civilian violence. As this module provides SAFE's core fundamentals, it is also the only mandatory module and must be attended before all others.

At SAFE International™ our loyalty is first and foremost to our clients, students, friends, families and communities.  We have no emotional attachments or care for lineage, tradition, grandmasters, styles, systems, methods gurus and the like. Our sole focus is on those we teach and what is best for them in terms of their survival. We highly encourage our clients to "absorb what is useful, add what is specifically of their own and disregard the rest” and that their loyalty in regards to self defense is strictly reserved to themselves and those they care about.  If you share our goal to make the world a safer, healthier environment for both present and future generations, then we share that goal in common.

The premise of the simplicity of our self defense program:

"If I only had 5 hours to teach a group of people with no previous training,what would I teach them?"

It might seem like an easy question to answer, but think about it for a minute. First, one has to take into consideration their clients; are we teaching a group of elders in a home? A group of 14 year old high school girls? An office full of both gendered corporate suits? Nurses or correctional officers who have certain rules and guidelines to abide by?

Each of these groups face a variety of differing threats and potential types of confrontations. After all, a young girls doesn’t get attacked the same way a correctional officer does, nor does she possess the same size, experience, strength, stamina, or mindset an adult would, let alone said correctional officer.

The SAFE Core Curriculum module answers these and many more questions that most experts in our industry today don’t even think of. This is what our SAFE International™ courses and certification are built on. After successfully completing this course you will have the tools to answer those questions and you will have the ability to present this material in a professional, memorable and effective manner.

The SAFE International™ Certification Modules

In addition to receiving official certification listing on our website, we will give you use of the official SAFE International™ badge and banners for those certifications so that you may promote your qualifications. The SAFE International™ Core Curriculum certification is the foundation of our entire program. From there one may add the following modules based on their needs and requirements.

Click on the module of choice to read more details:


SAFE Modular Curriculum

SAFE ModBanner EdgedWeapons                                  SAFE ModBanner Multiple                    SAFE ModBanner WSD                                                          SAFE ModBanner GroundDefense                              SAFE ModBanner 5Principles



We have purposely priced our new SAFE International™ Certifications as an affordable option for those who want to begin a relationship with a world leader in self defense instruction.  For information on our more extensive SAFE International™ Partner program, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pricing is based on a per module basis:

Option #1 - $499 per module with a monthly fee of $49.00 for a 12 month period. 

Option #2 - $799 total cost. This represents a $300 savings over option #1.

Pricing does not include HST tax of 13%  All pricing is in Canadian funds.  Certain conditions apply to maintain official certified status.


Final Thoughts

Besides the countess testimonials we have gotten throughout our careers till present day expressing gratitude for the lessons people from all walks of life have taken, as they have had to use what they had learned to successfully either de-escalate, or defend themselves and escape from things like rape, sexual assault, bullying, abductions, kidnappings and the like.

Case in point, a young girl who had just finished attending just 3 of my classes at her high school recently was waiting by herself at a bus stop when someone attempted to grab and drag her to a secondary location from behind. She reacted exactly as she was taught as per her own words, she couldn’t believe how easy and instinctive it was to react as such and escape. Her parents are so ecstatic; (after the police were contacted and dust settled) that they contacted the principal and insisted our programs be mandatory teaching in all schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the SAFE International™ Certifications take place and how often?  

Our principal location for training will be in Toronto, ON, Canada, but opportunities will be available at international locations. Dates and times will be promoted on our website as well as through social media. There will also be opportunities available to anyone wanting to hosting a SAFE International™ Certificationworkshop at their location for the public.  SAFE International™ will also be available to conduct private certifications for any groups, clubs, or organizations.  The number of certifications per year are yet to be determined, so either revisit our website time to time or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for upcoming dates and locations. 

Do I have to be in excellent physical shape to participate in a certification?

While we teach that physical conditioning is an excellent attribute to have in defending yourself, it is not a requirement in this self defense certification.  The focus in our self defense certifications is in ensuring all candidates fully understand the material taught and having the ability to teach the material in a memorable and effective manner.

Will you offer private certification to the instructors at my martial arts school or to my corporate training staff?

Yes, we are very flexible with the certification training formats and would be happy to discuss the different options with you.  You can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

After becoming SAFE Certified in the SAFE Core Curriculum am I considered a SAFE International™ Certified Instructor?

You would be considered a SAFE International™ certified instructor in teaching the SAFE Core Curriculum.  Some may wish to begin their certification with a module other than the Core Curriculum, but it is imperative that all candidates completely understand our core principles and philosophies because they carry over into each of the certification programs.  Certification in the Core Curriculum course will prepare you to teach a standalone self defense course perfectly suited for anyone regardless of their skill level.  Our Core Curriculum has been taught to more than 200,000 people since 1994.

What additional benefits come with being SAFE Certified?

Once achieving status of SAFE Certified, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement for the applicable module(s), and a manual for each corresponding SAFE International™ module(s).

Once SAFE Certified, you will have permission to use the applicable SAFE International™ Certified badges & banners for promotion online, and in printed material (some conditions may apply). 

You will be listed on our SAFE International™ website including name, address, phone number and email contact. 

Access to our video resource library, for all applicable certification modules, will be provided to you.

Are there any pre-requisites to becoming SAFE Certified?

The only pre-requisites are that one must be over 18 years of age and have no criminal record. 

What if I want to learn all the SAFE International™ Certification Modules at one time?

We do have a more extensive SAFE International™ Partner program we would be happy to discuss with you.

You can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or call toll free at 1-800-465-5972

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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