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Over the years, we at SAFE International™ have shown that with true dedication, there are no limitations. We began years ago with just a few number20773401 2000544210182258 780893799 of participants, but our commitment to developing a safety consciousness in our clients has brought us this far. Our belief is that self defense should not be a luxury; it should be a knowledge and skill that everyone can acquire. We live in a world today that can be very dangerous, so our commitment remains ensuring that mothers, fathers, sisters, siblings and children who leave their homes in the morning, can return safely in the evening. From organizations to private corporations and from families to schools; we have built a network of clients based on our effective teaching with practical real life scenarios.

Our teaching model is based on the fact that in the face of a real life threat you need to be able to act spontaneously. This means that self defense has to be made innate. We understand that this cannot be achieved by mere theoretical knowledge, a few martial arts practices, or from watching a few fight videos on YouTube. It must involve simulations of potential real life scenarios in order to embed the right attitude of response in our clients. We make the training process as simple and less complicated as possible to enable easy assimilation. Also incorporated is our brand of humour and fun both of which help to promote learning and making the self defense experience an enjoyable one.

It is thought to most in self defense that the physical component is the most important and so it makes sense that most self defense companies focus on this. But we understand that an appropriate physical response is strongly linked to a right state of mind at the time of the threat. This is why we focus on every aspect from physical response to mental alertness and awareness. We understand that avoiding a threat is as vital as neutralizing one. This is why we train our clients on ways to both avoid and neutralize threats; using every tool at their disposal be it their vocabulary or their mental shrewdness.

Our goal remains to provide the best self defense class to our target client pool which is those between the ages of 12 years and 82 years. We aim to continue to expand our reach to cross international borders including the United States and Canada. The teaching module and model offered is being constantly reviewed and updated to cover modern threats and to expand our target client pool. Utilizing the best in the field of personal protection, what we offer is the empowerment you, your family or your business corporation needs to ensure that personal safety ceases from being a thing of luxury. Be it in the United States, Canada or around the world our goal remains to provide leadership and ground breaking self defense training to our clients.

Feel free to look through this website and send us any questions that you may have; you will definitely get a prompt response. You can also contact us for an opportunity to be a part of our team.


Our Team

In order to be and remain a leader in providing globally relevant self defense training; we incorporated only the best and practicable into our team. Our SAFE International™ partners and trainers have both the needed theoretical knowledge and the hands-on knowledge. This way you are assured that you are getting only the best in self defense knowledge and skill acquisition. Fully certified, 100% professional and truly motivated, our team is one that you can trust. So you can browse the website to select any of the courses that you think is appropriate for you and you would definitely not regret it.

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