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Students and Teacher

I enthusiastically recommend Safe International Self Defense Ontario, if you are looking for a self-defence school program that truly delivers the program they promise - practical, effective and memorable self-defence training. Chris Roberts is the Founder of Safe International and it is clear that personal safety education is a passion for Chris and his team of instructors. They are committed to ensuring that the students they teach leave their program with the life skills inherent and empower youth with greater confidence and more awareness and responsibility for their personal safety. It is always a pleasure to connect with Chris for our annual bookings of self-defence training for our grade seven students at University of Toronto Schools.

Bookings are done with ease as Chris and his team are prompt and clear with all their communication. They understand the challenges presented at times in school schedules and I have found that Chris and his team are more than accommodating and great problem solvers to work through any challenges and make it work. From my experience with SAFE International™ over the last five years, it is evident that Chris and his team of instructors have dedicated much time and effort to create a self-defense program that truly delivers in positively impacting the health and wellbeing of young people.

Our students have enjoyed the dynamic nature of SAFE international™ instructors. They easily engage students through active discussion with many real-life applications of how to detect and defuse potentially dangerous situations. They create a stimulating learning environment that motivates students to stay focused during lessons, allows their personalities to remain intact and encourages greater participation.

Each self-defense lesson has direct links to the Health and Physical Education (HPE) curriculum overall expectations in the healthy living strand. Personally, I really love that the SAFE program understands that physical education aims to give students more moderate to vigorous activity time in class and therefore SAFE lessons also incorporate overall expectations in the active living and movement competence strands as well.

The knowledge and professionalism of SAFE instructors is appreciated greatly by our HPE department. Instructors always arrive on time and prepared. There is a clear progression of awareness and skill building taught over the four-class program done at UTS. Our department often reflects on how meaningful and culturally responsive this program is. Our students also speak highly about the lessons learned from the SAFE program. Two years ago, one of our grade 7 students was approached by a stranger in our school neighbourhood and she spoke of remembering the lessons she learned and applied to this situation to get away safely. She also had the confidence to inform the office, speak with police and an immediate response was made warning our local community. This is the power of this program to equip our students with personal safety skills and the confidence and competence to use them.

I believe strongly that other schools would benefit greatly from SAFE International™ programs. They have certainly been a valuable asset to our HPE program at UTS. I can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 647-379-0556 if you would like to discuss further any aspect of the self-defense program provided at UTS.


This is the third program in self defense I have been part of and this course is the one the students enjoyed the most. I think the humour helps them to remember.

Kris Ewing


Overall it was an exceptional course. The teacher was very funny which made me want to listen. The simulated attacks were very valuable.

Student, St. Elizabeth – Thornhill

The seminar I participated in was informative and beneficial. The safety talk was interesting and raised issues on how to prevent trouble which I wasn’t aware of. Having taken part in the SAFE International program, I feel more educated in the areas of awareness, prevention, and self defense.

Student, Father John Redmond – Etobicoke

I liked the fact that you kept reviewing the techniques constantly. The final day simulated attacks were extremely valuable to the students.

Teacher, John Fraser SS – Mississauga

Excellent Program – very practical and useful for the students and delivered in a comical way. Highly recommend for other school programs.

Teacher, North Park SS – Brampton

Chris establishes a strong rapport with students from day one and makes his points about “serious stuff” in a fresh, entertaining manner. Students love the course!

Teacher, Sir Wilfrid Laurier SS – Orleans

Companies and Corporations

Hi Karen, I just wanted to let you know,  both session were amazing.  Rich did such a great job.  I have only heard positive feedback from our employees.  A lot of employee are asking me for Rich and your companies information which I have provided. I have a feeling we will be using your company again, and based on today's feedback for a much longer time frame - 407/ETR

We came away with a clear understanding of how to prevent a dangerous situation from occurring. We feel confident that we could protect ourselves if confronted with a possible physical situation - Burger King

Karen, Another awesome session. Please thanks Rich again. He is a great presenter. We will use you guys again in the future! - CanDeal
The feedback we have received is as follows: 100% of respondents found the facilitator knowledgeable in the subject matter. 100% of respondents felt engaged throughout the duration of the workshop. 100% of respondents felt that their knowledge and/or skills increased as a result of this workshop - Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan

Dear Chris Roberts,

Our agency would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent self defense course you taught at our agency. As you can see from the attached evaluations, our staff feel the SAFE program is informative, practical, and highly effective. I would strongly encourage agencies, (who deal with people) to meet with you and review the SAFE program.

Denis Myers
County of Lanark Social Services

Having studied various martial arts over the period of 20 years, I was most pleased to have the opportunity to study self defense with Chris Roberts when he brought the training to Cornwall.

More than the benefit of close proximity, however, I quickly came to appreciate that the greatest benefit of this particular self defense class was the instructor. With my personal background having studied with many teachers, I was (and remain) most impressed with Chris’ instructional approach. He instils confidence in his students, from the mere beginner to those more advanced, with humour, knowledge and grace and does all of this without the aggressive, intimidating demeanour of many self-defence teachers. The stereo-type of the self-defence teacher that prevents many students from taking such a class is exactly what Chris is not – making his approach acceptable to women and men, young and old, fit or not so fit.

After only 2 months of training with Chris, I can truly say this self-defence form is as effective as any martial art I have trained in – which includes Jeet Kun Do, Hap Ki Do and Aikido. More interesting to the beginner is that it is very easy to learn, provides effective self-defence skills in mere weeks and does so in a fun environment.

I have been so impressed with Chris, his instructional style and his self defense system itself, that I have sought personal training classes with Chris to further develop my knowledge of this form and to enjoy the interactions with a natural teacher. I highly encourage anyone interested in learning a safe, effective means to defend themselves and their families to consider doing the same.

Dr. Stephen F. Jones - Cornwall, Ont.

We were very fortunate to have Chris Roberts and his team from SAFE International do a workshop with our Home Support staff, this spring. The staff that participated in the day found it to be highly entertaining as well as highly informative. All evaluations were positive.

As one attendee stated –
“SAFE International could very well save our lives”
“Self awareness and safety was fun”

This was a very successful training event. Chris presents this subject in an informal, humorous way that keeps everyone’s attention from start to finish. The opportunity for participants to have actual “hands on” experience is very unique and promotes the learning experience.

Time went very quickly and everyone left with more self awareness and abilities to care for themselves in difficult situations.

Karen Gill, R.N - Branch Manager - Para-Med Health Services


Definitely a good course. We do take for granted our daily activities and routine. I will be more alert in the future - Para-Med Health Care

Dear Christopher,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for conducting a “trial” SAFE course for women in our Corporate Office. From the feedback I received, the evening was a success! Here are a few of the comments passed along to me following your course:

“…just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed and learned from the course…Chris was a great instructor, not intimidating”
“…really great! I learned a lot”
” I want to take the next one!”

I would be interested in receiving a cost estimate for conducting this course for a group of 50 women. Would you be able to provide me with an estimated cost and how the course might be structured for a group of this size?

Thank you again for a great session.

Deborah Matheson
Supervisor, Human Resources
Canadian Pacific Hotels and Resorts

“Chris Roberts was able to present a serious subject in a humourous and educational way so that the Carefor staff members were able to easily remember the content of the sessions.” – attendee

“It was very helpful! Even though the subject was serious, we really enjoyed it and had lots of laughs and tears. The lessons help you focus on a quick response and areas of the body that may cause the perpetrator to hesitate long enough for you to escape or cause less bodily harm,”

Madeline M - Carefor Health & Community Services

Certification Courses

"I highly recommend the SAFE Core Curriculum Certification course for anyone looking to teach self-defense, or even learn more about the psychology and emotion of violence. Rich and Chris are the real deal and demonstrate a genuine passion and knowledge about self-protection against REAL violence. The material was presented so that the average person can begin to understand violence and survival, and retain a lot of information in a short period of time.

I was also impressed with the follow-up and ongoing support Chris offered, from access to video materials, to personal assistance with understanding the material as well as customizing teaching plans. I feel confident that any self-defense I teach with the SAFE material will be effective and will genuinely prepare people for protect themselves. The course was worth every penny and I look forward to attending more of their seminars in the future!

Michael Fisher



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