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My Violence Prevention Inspiration

My Violence Prevention Inspiration
This might go against conventional thinking, but that is on purpose! In the Violence Prevention & Self Defense industry, most might think it logical to work on attracting other self-defence instructors or martial artists to spread the mission or message of your company. And while many are excellent, with SAFE International I am much more interested in those who have faced, experienced, lived with violence whether that be through domestic violence, family violence, assault, or any form of abuse BECAUSE they often have a hunger, desire, need, motivation to help make others NEVER EVER experience what they have experienced! I have worked with several of these people, most often women, but not always, and the look of sadness, but also determi...
Chris Roberts

Child Abduction Education

Something kids do almost every day with little chance of this happening, BUT important, no it's critical, that they have some awareness to videos and scenarios like this with a plan! I'm not going to agree with the pepper spray comment made in the video for a number of reasons, but excellent video to illustrate how an abduction is fast and may come out of seemingly nowhere! What do you teach your kids if you even do? Click Here - Child Abduction Attempt
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Chris Roberts

Knife Defense Training Video

Knife Defense Training Drill during a SAFE International Self Defense seminar with Richard Dimitri, founder of Senshido & Chris Roberts, Managing Director of SAFE International. The goal in this drill is to intercept the knife ASAP if it's introduced during a knife attack. More important than your quickness is the ability to identify the pre-contact cues of violence. Knife is hidden somewhere on body and scenario created to bring in more reality. Key concepts are to maintain a safe distance which forces the aggressor to move towards their victim. Also, that distance allows the intended victim to see the body language of a possible attack in addition to the ability to see all 10 fingers. In a conflict there is no reason why someone shoul...
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