Chris Roberts

My Violence Prevention Inspiration

My Violence Prevention Inspiration
This might go against conventional thinking, but that is on purpose! In the Violence Prevention & Self Defense industry, most might think it logical to work on attracting other self-defence instructors or martial artists to spread the mission or message of your company. And while many are excellent, with SAFE International I am much more interested in those who have faced, experienced, lived with violence whether that be through domestic violence, family violence, assault, or any form of abuse BECAUSE they often have a hunger, desire, need, motivation to help make others NEVER EVER experience what they have experienced! I have worked with several of these people, most often women, but not always, and the look of sadness, but also determi...
Chris Roberts

Self-Defense Certification Story

EdmontonlogoThe goal with most self-defense courses or certifications is to offer training focused solely on self-defense. In our logo, you can read SAFE International, Changing & Saving Lives. Well, we at SAFE International have a different goal. We receive comments and testimonials on how the training we have conducted has gone beyond expectations and anticipations in a self-defense course. Particularly with our SAFE 360 Self-Defense Certification in which we get to spend upwards of 15 hours with people. Most come to us for training so that they can represent SAFE International in making their communities safer. We are told our approach to personal safety is therapeutic, even holistic. We often receive emails or calls years later expressing how o...
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Chris Roberts

Self Defence Certification Website Launched

SAFE101 VPCSAFE International is proud to announce the launch of its brand new Violence Prevention & Self Defense Certification website!  SAFE International has been a leader in violence prevention training since 1994 and continues to lead the way in honest, memorable, and effective personal safety programs for the general public.  Have you ever considered teaching self defense?  The launch of this new website will offer all their certification options in one convenient location. You may be interested in teaching how to understand, recognize and avoid violence with their SAFE 101 certification. This certification is a one-day program that takes a deep dive into the daily routines of the general public. It will give you the tools to ...
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