Chris Roberts

Self Defense Terms of Endearment?

So often when there is escalating conflict between 2 people, most often guys, why do you think one, or both men will often refer to the other as 'Dude", "Buddy", "Pal", or even "Sport", lol.  While this might not seem like much on the surface to most people, why don't most see those "nicknames" as more likely to escalate potential violence than deescalate since they are usually meant to be flippant and condescending? In my opinion, this is that nasty bastard, aka EGO, fighting its way into the conflict.  Thoughts folks? www.safeinternational.biz
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Chris Roberts

Who Should Decide On What Is A Good Self Defense Video?

I posted in the SAFE International Self Defense Group on Facebook, asking what people's thoughts are on posting self defense videos from other people when you think the video is not just humorous, but in fact, could be very detrimental to people without any self defense knowledge who might think it is good material? Some of the thoughts that cross my mind are: 1) Who am I to decide what people should think? Am I doing this for my own ego or for benefit of others? 2) Shouldn't people see all self defense videos and make up their own mind? 3) Or because what we teach is potentially life saving, do I owe it to people to express my honest views, and then let them decide what makes sense to them? www.safeinternational.biz
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Chris Roberts

SAFE International Self Defense Instructor Alex Ramirez

This is what SAFE International instructor Alex Ramirez posted today on our SAFE International fan page. This is why we do what we do, and a perfect example of what a SAFE International Instructor represents! Thanks Alex for being a great instructor, and most importantly, a great person! Second of four high school classes taught so far today and I was approached by a young lady after class with tears in her eyes thanking me for not only coming in to teach at the school but for teaching all girls everywhere to defend themselves. At this point in time I'm finding it difficult to swallow with my heart in my throat. We talk for awhile and I leave her with some advice on building confidence and awareness. I offer her my time to talk and share w...
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