Chris Roberts

Story of Surviving Sexual Assault Part 2

I would like to offer “Story of Surviving Sexual Assault Part 2”.  In part 1, Annette shared with us the beginning of her story when she was 18 years of age.  This story will be very helpful because it has many similarities to stories that so many young women have shared with me.  I offered some thoughts, tips, and advice after different points of her story in bold italics. Annette has followed up with some additional thoughts in red text.  Here is the remainder of her story, and while I feel it is so important for everyone to read it, I will offer a warning that some of the details will be sensitive to some. I think it was the feeling of something on my lips that made me open my eyes. I realised suddenly that he w...
Chris Roberts

Story of Surviving Sexual Assault Part 1

I would like to offer a different approach to my blog. I would like to share a story of sexual assault that a woman has shared with me.  She has agreed to share it along with turning her story into an educational opportunity for others who may have been sexually assaulted, or those who may experience what she went through at the age of 18.  SAFE International has taught more than 175,000 women since 1994 and the majority of our clients have been teenage girls.  This is an age, and time in life, when one is particularly vulnerable to attacks/assaults due to many reasons, such as lack of life experience, not knowing how predators pick and choose their victim, and quite honestly from just being polite in...
Chris Roberts

Richard Dimitri? Why Will Bullying Never Be Resolved?

I had this little idea that I decided to run past Richard Dimitri, who is fairly, or unfairly known for a concept in the self defense world called "The Shredder".  Virtually everyone I talk to, who asks about Rich, immediately gets to asking about "The Shredder", does "The Shredder" really work?  Shredder, Shredder, Shredder, Shredder.......! While it is an amazing self defense concept, it is so far removed from the many reasons why I am proud to call Richard a friend.  In my opinion, Rich's identity became synonymous with the Shredder, which is an injustice, as Rich is so much more than a self defense concept.  So, back to the idea I had for Rich.  I promised to ask Rich some questions he has never been asked in th...
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