Chris Roberts

Self Defense Against A Wrist Grab

I would like to address one of the most common questions I get, which is, "How do I get out of a wrist grab?"  There are so many different wrist grabs, and most self defense instructors teach so many different escapes, spins, or twists for each potential wrist grab that it becomes downright confusing and virtually impossible to remember in a moment of violence.  Memorizing complex techniques are fine when one is practicing with no pressure testing, but the moment it becomes real, those complex skills go out the window.  All self defense must be raw, basic, gross motor movements that can hopefully be accessed when the shit hits the fan.  And even then, nothing is guaranteed to work.  If you don't strike the...
Chris Roberts

Me Attacked? But It Will Never Happen To Me Because.........

When I ask people why they have never learned self defense, they will most often answer with, "But It Will Never Happen To Me."  Never has a phrase been proven more wrong over and over and over every day in every country.  Very few who have been attacked have expected it to happen. When people call SAFE International for our self defense services, one of the first questions I will commonly ask is, "What happened to you that has caused you to call me?"  The potential client will almost always respond with, "How did you know?"  I wish I was bright enough to know, but really it is because most people are just not proactive about their personal safety. Why do I hear this comment so often?  Here ...
Chris Roberts

Simplicity In Self Defense Saves Lives

I love movies involving self defense, in which the lead actor takes on about 100 bad dudes with flying, jumping, spinning, revolving, twisting, multiple kicks to the head, but unfortunately, many looking for self defense instruction use that image as their method of choosing someone to teach them self defense.  If I try to kick above someone's knees nowadays, I will likely have to go see my chiropractor.  Part of my mission with SAFE International Self Defense is to educate people on what real self defense is, starting with the number one objective of avoiding violence, to the last step of using physical self defense concepts. In the past, if I am being very honest, part of me felt that by keeping the self defense skills we taught...
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