Chris Roberts

My Dog Will Protect Me For Self Defense

Having a dog can be very valuable in regards to your personal safety, but when one puts all their faith in a pet, they are more likely to take unnecessary risks.  Very often people tell me they have no problem taking shortcuts, or opening the door to a complete stranger BECAUSE they have their dog to protect them.  While a dog can be fantastic to stop an attack or home break-in from even occurring, by barking and attracting attention, never rely on the dog to protect you, because if you have never seen how your dog behaves when you are attacked, there is no way of being certain your dog will protect you.  We can feel fairly certain that Rover will protect us, but you can't be absolutely certain. So the message is, IF YOU WOUL...
Chris Roberts

Self Defense Expert or Consultant?

The term "expert" in any field of work implies, in my opinion, and maybe incorrectly, that one has the answers to questions on the topic of knowledge.  We can argue that, but at most of my seminars, I will begin by telling the group in front of me that I will have no answers to their questions.  After I get the, "why the hell would we listen to you look", I explain that by the end of the seminar, they will completely understand what I mean.  Now, in many professions there are definite answers, but when it comes to the world of violence, and offering advice, thoughts, and tips that might save someone's life, giving definite answers is very, very dangerous! I think most people tie in their being a self defense teacher with havi...
Chris Roberts

Bad Ass Confidence in Self-Defense

canstockphoto21913753So you think your appearing bad ass is the same as appearing confident? When does looking confident not work? When you don't feel confident. Might seem simplistic when I say it like that, but many self-defense instructors teach their students to look and act confident but fail to address the question, "But what if I do not feel confident?" If one is isolated and chosen as a potential victim, understand the attacker's perception of you as a good target makes your "show" of confidence most likely ineffective now! The dictionary definition of confidence is, "a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's abilities or qualities." This all ties in with apathy and denial with self-defense which I have addressed before, but i...
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