Chris Roberts

The Danger Of "You Should Have...." In Self Defense

I can't emphasize this enough, but if someone shares a story with you that may be very different to what you'd recommend as a self defense reaction, IF, it helped them to survive an attack, then they did the right thing! Saying "you should have done......." is counter productive. Empathy and support is much more important for your clients to hear than adding more questions on how they dealt with a sexual assault or attack!  A couple months ago, I taught a woman who had been attacked recently.  My understanding was that she decided the best course of action was to NOT fight back.  Often, depending on the variables, this might not be the best strategy to take, but  the fact that she was sharing the story with me in person, was a confirmation ...
Chris Roberts

React Fast & Furious

Attackers use very dirty tactics to distract you in order to attack you, so it is your job to prepare yourself with the self defense concepts that they don't expect you to know! You are generally chosen for attack cause they think you are an easy victim, so make your reaction fast and furious so they quickly realize they chose WRONG!!
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Chris Roberts

Realism In Self Defense Training

More than the Awareness/Avoidance segment of self defense, I think the biggest segment skipped is the verbal assault with realistic language and emotion. Either the instructor isn't comfortable doing, or they're worried about upsetting their clients, but if one can't deal with that, they can't perform any physical concepts! At least start off with a minimum level, and gradually increase the realism. Each client is unique, but you need to take them just out of their comfort zone with the drills once you've established a level of trust with them.
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