Chris Roberts

Top 5 Biggest Areas for Improving Self Defense Courses

I would like to offer my thoughts on the Top 5 Biggest Areas for Improvement in most self defense courses.  While no self defense course is perfect, SAFE International has tried to keep evolving in regards to offering the most effective and realistic self defense course for their clients.  The goal of SAFE International is to keep improving our self defense courses and the experience for your clients.  We are always looking at what other self defense companies are doing and implementing strategies when we see the benefit. 1)  Awareness/Avoidance Strategies - it is unfortunate, and in my opinion, negligent for self defense instructors to teach without including some component on how to avoid potentially da...
Chris Roberts

What If You Were Attacked By Your Child?

I want to share a story about a male client I taught, and his personal story asking "What would you do if you were attacked by your own child?" Anyone who has been attacked knows the emotional, psychological, and physical challenges one faces, but if you want to magnify it 1000 times, imagine if it was your own child who was trying to kill you?  That brings a whole new dimension that I have never experienced, but have spent many hours thinking about after hearing this story that a private shared with me a couple years ago.  SAFE International has taught more than 175,000 people, but this story shows so many successful strategies that a person with ZERO training implemented, but they still felt as if they were unsuccessfu...
Chris Roberts

Self Defense Against A Wrist Grab

I would like to address one of the most common questions I get, which is, "How do I get out of a wrist grab?"  There are so many different wrist grabs, and most self defense instructors teach so many different escapes, spins, or twists for each potential wrist grab that it becomes downright confusing and virtually impossible to remember in a moment of violence.  Memorizing complex techniques are fine when one is practicing with no pressure testing, but the moment it becomes real, those complex skills go out the window.  All self defense must be raw, basic, gross motor movements that can hopefully be accessed when the shit hits the fan.  And even then, nothing is guaranteed to work.  If you don't strike the...
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