Chris Roberts

Self Defense Expert or Consultant?

The term "expert" in any field of work implies, in my opinion, and maybe incorrectly, that one has the answers to questions on the topic of knowledge.  We can argue that, but at most of my seminars, I will begin by telling the group in front of me that I will have no answers to their questions.  After I get the, "why the hell would we listen to you look", I explain that by the end of the seminar, they will completely understand what I mean.  Now, in many professions there are definite answers, but when it comes to the world of violence, and offering advice, thoughts, and tips that might save someone's life, giving definite answers is very, very dangerous! I think most people tie in their being a self defense teacher with havi...
Chris Roberts

Bad Ass Confidence in Self-Defense

canstockphoto21913753So you think your appearing bad ass is the same as appearing confident? When does looking confident not work? When you don't feel confident. Might seem simplistic when I say it like that, but many self-defense instructors teach their students to look and act confident but fail to address the question, "But what if I do not feel confident?" If one is isolated and chosen as a potential victim, understand the attacker's perception of you as a good target makes your "show" of confidence most likely ineffective now! The dictionary definition of confidence is, "a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's abilities or qualities." This all ties in with apathy and denial with self-defense which I have addressed before, but i...
Chris Roberts

The Danger Of "You Should Have...." In Self Defense

I can't emphasize this enough, but if someone shares a story with you that may be very different to what you'd recommend as a self defense reaction, IF, it helped them to survive an attack, then they did the right thing! Saying "you should have done......." is counter productive. Empathy and support is much more important for your clients to hear than adding more questions on how they dealt with a sexual assault or attack!  A couple months ago, I taught a woman who had been attacked recently.  My understanding was that she decided the best course of action was to NOT fight back.  Often, depending on the variables, this might not be the best strategy to take, but  the fact that she was sharing the story with me in person, was a confirmation ...
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