Chris Roberts

My Thoughts On "What To Do If Attacked On A Run"

In this blog I would like to offer my thoughts on an article that was in a recent issue of Men's Health titled, "How to Stay Safe On a Run—Especially When a Killer Clown Is Chasing You"  They offer some tips on what to do if attacked while on a run and a number of their recommendations cause me to pause and question. Feel free to agree, disagree, or think I am nuts, but my years of teaching have taught me there are much better ways of responding to an attack while on a jog.  Now, the whole article is in the link above, but here is the section where they offer their advice.  I will offer my thoughts after.  According to Runner’s World—a brand owned by Men’s Health’s parent company, Rodale—here’s how you can stay safe on y...
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Chris Roberts

Rich 'N Roberts Self Defense Event Testimonial

RichNRoberts3Richard Dimitri and I recently conducted a 3 Day Self Defense Retreat in Cornwall, ON.  We had attendees join us from Canada, the US, Scotland, and Belgium.  One of the participants sent us this beautiful testimonial so, I would like to wish Annette Helberg a huge and humble thank you for this wonderful testimonial! I am really excited to share my highest recommendation for this seminar for anyone who wants to increase their chance of survival and escape from serious harm.  As a survivor of many instances of sexual violence and rape over a long period in my life, I have spent the last eight years developing the emotional, psychological, and physical skills from a point where I could not stand the thought of any physical confr...
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Chris Roberts

Tactile Sensitivity Self Defense Ground Drill

In this short clip from our recent Rich'n Roberts self defense retreat I am sharing a tactile sensitivity self defense ground drill that we teach during our seminars.  The one person begins in a more dominant position with the goal to get to the mount position through movement, striking, and other attacks while the person in bottom position works on preventing it through their tactile senstivity.  This includes locating both primary and secondarty targets on their partner.  These targets may include the eyes, throat, nose, ears, hair, head cranks, etc.  Once position of dominance is reversed, the person escapes. Click on the following link:  Tactile Sensitivity Self Defense Ground Drill For more information on this ...
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