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A Message to Mom & Daughter About Leaving For College

You’ve both been waiting for this for a long time, and no doubt mom, your daughter or son has been looking forward to the next phase of their life. Congratulations, it’s an exciting time and one’s post-secondary school years will be some of the most unforgettable, so let’s make sure those memories are great ones!

Just remember that your parents are concerned because hey, after all you are the light of their eyes and the news of campus safety and the worry of violence doesn't help them, nor you, so please understand the position they are in.  They have felt some level of control in keeping you safe all these years, and they may fear losing some of that control. 


College should be a fun and enlightening experience, a growing experience for the youth. However, if your child leaving home for college is causing you anxiety and keeping you up at night mom, you need to step back and think this through.

Due to recent events on some of our college and university campuses, our society seems more and more uncertain and not-so-safe. The mass-media is also adding fuel to the firestorm by promoting negative experiences making it seem like there is nowhere that our teens will be safe.  Daily, we have to face a reality in which our children could be victimized, as can anyone, and we can feel helpless and unable to protect them. We seem to have no formula to ensure their safety, but as a parent you can help prepare them, in turn giving you some peace of mind. 

The wrong thing to do in this context is to panic and let yourself be filled with negative thoughts. To start with humans have basic defense instincts just like animals and with a bit of training and attention, they immediately increase their safety.

The SAFE International™ organization has dealt with self-defense and education for more than 20 years. The mission is to teach day-to-day self-defense skills to children, women and men, but not any kind of self-defense. This type of self-defense focuses on providing a large set of skills from learning how to recognize and avoid potential violence to verbal strategies to de-escalate, to having to defend oneself physically. SAFE teaches both verbal and nonverbal communication in order to tackle the situations in an efficient way.

We understand the anxiety and stress a parent has to live with while their child is away and we speak about those situations, offering solutions so if you would like to hear more about those solutions, please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

SAFE International™ offers you a complete guide of how to stay safe in college and avoid unpleasant experiences and also talks directly to parents about how to achieve peace of mind when their children are leaving home for college.

Our latest eBook, "A Parent's Guide to Achieving Peace of Mind, When Your Child Leaves Home For College" is just a short time away from being released, so let us know if you want us to inform you when it is available. 

Keep SAFE!

Chris Roberts

Managing Director, SAFE International™


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