Beauty Bites Beast at Montreal Film Festival


I am thrilled to announce that my friend Ellen Snortland will have her film, "Beauty Bites Beast, The Missing Conversation About Ending Violence" premiering at the Montreal Film Festival on Sunday, Sept 4 at 5:50pm at the Theatre Outremont, 1230-1248 Avenue Bernard, Outremont, QC H2V 1V6, Canada.  

As Ellen says, "Our aim with Beauty Bites Beast is to "normalize" women's self-defense, and by extension, kids' self-defense as a human need and right; to inspire those on the fence to see that the drive to protect oneself is not a gendered attribute and to thereby get behind the movement to make empowerment self-defense accessible, portable and affordable."

Ellen Snortland is lawyer, teacher, media and first time author book coach. She is a regular opinion columnist for the Pasadena Weekly and a Huffington Post blogger. Ellen has been a speaker, journalist and delegate for major United Nations World Conferences: the Women's conference in Beijing and Conference Against Racism in South Africa, and the Commission on the Status of Women in New York City. An instructor and on the board of the 501 c 3 IMPACT Personal Safety of Los Angeles, Snortland is the author of "Beauty Bites Beast: Awakening the Warrior Within Women and Girls," a how-come book about women's personal safety featured on Dateline NBC.  She is the director/writer/producer of the documentary Beauty Bites Beast, based on her book by the same name. Ellen is co-author of "The Safety Godmothers," along with fellow self-defense expert, Lisa Gaeta. Ellen's recent TEDxPasadena talk explores her mission to empower people through self-defense, http://tinyurl.com/tedx-ellen. o ignored

Snortland lives in Altadena, CA, with her husband, Ken Gruberman, and their 3 naughty dogs.

Check out the trailer:










Congratulations Ellen!

Chris Roberts

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