At the helm of SAFE International™ is founder and CEO Christopher Roberts. Since forming SAFE International™ over 20 years ago, Chris has firmly established his company as Canada’s leader in self-protection instruction. And in doing so, has expanded throughout the U.S. and internationally as well.

Chris Roberts

Do You Pressure Test Your Self Defense Training?

February 11, 2014, Toronto, Canada - the majority of people who train self defense want to believe that their self defense skills will really save them if they are in an attack scenario.  In this SAFE International self defense blog I would like to ask anyone who trains in self defense, "Do you pressure test your self defense training?"  Most people will read that and want to believe that what they have learned would certainly save them.  I would ask, "How do you know if what you have learned will save you?"  I never feel 100% certain that what I have learned will save me from harm, or even possible death, but I do feel 100% certain that I have increased my chances of survival due to the fact that I have pressure te...
Chris Roberts

Reality Of Knife Attacks

Knife1February 3, 2014, Toronto, Canada - In this SAFE International Self Defense Blog I would like to offer up, not only my thoughts on knife defense, but aso a fantastic video featuring my friend, Richard Dimitri, founder of Senshido,in which he discusses the Reality of Knife Attacks, and a video featuring myself and Marc Joseph, CEO of Spartan Training Gear.   Over my years of training in self defense, and teaching self defense I never saw any system, or style of knife defense that immediately clicked in my head as being effective.  I have seen a load of self defense  instructors who teach how to analyze the knife from 8 different angles with all these fancy, complicated, and downright ineffective techniques.  ...
Chris Roberts

The Top 5 Idiotic Remarks SOME Men Say

IdiotsFebruary, 2, 2014, Toronto, Canada -  In this SAFE International Self Defense Blog I would like to offer up the "Top 5 Idiotic Remarks SOME Men Say".  As usual, I feel it necessary to say that most men are caring and respectful of women, but we all know men who use one or more of the following remarks.  I have heard all these hundreds, if not thousands of times.  SAFE International teaches self defense parties and high school self defense to about 13,000 women each year.  1)  "Look what she was wearing, what did she expect?"  There may be no more stupid, idiotic, asinine remark ever spoken by SOME men. They try to justify their own stupid actions or comments based on what a woman might be wearing.  N...
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