At the helm of SAFE International™ is founder and CEO Christopher Roberts. Since forming SAFE International™ over 20 years ago, Chris has firmly established his company as Canada’s leader in self-protection instruction. And in doing so, has expanded throughout the U.S. and internationally as well.

Chris Roberts

Self-Defence in Sydney Australia

SAFE ChangingLivesLogo AusIn any profession or industry, there are those who immediately come to mind and others who are mainstream and then those who fly under the radar whether on purpose or not caring for the fame that many might seek. Well, the self-defence industry is no different. Well, one of those guys lives near Sydney, Australia. His name is Jeff Phillips, and he is a Violence Prevention/Self Defence instructor hailing from the Penrith, NSW area. Jeff is also the Managing Director of SAFE International™ for the Sydney area. I met Jeff online on Facebook around or about 2013. We began chatting on the topic of self-defence, and it quickly became evident to me that Jeff was one who was, like myself, looking to make those he teaches a little safer, plain and s...
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Chris Roberts

Self Defense Teacher Certification Testimonial

SAFE ChangingLivesLogo CorpSAFE International™ has taught more than 200,000 students since 1994 and part of our teachings is the "Self Defense Teacher Certification" which allows school teachers to become certified in our material so they can bring it to their students on an on-going basis.  We had the pleasure of certifying a group of teachers in Pennsylvania, USA and here is the feedback we received.  Great feedback is always appreciated, but what I find of most interesting are the comments from the students and how they now look at self-defense.  What these comments tell me, is that these teachers did an excellent job of getting the SAFE International™ message of self-defense across to the students in an honest, effective and memorable manner! ...
Chris Roberts

Self Defence Classes Edmonton

SAFE ChangingLivesLogo CorpSafe International™ Expands Self-Defense Classes to Edmonton, Canada Edmonton, Canada – March 1, 2019 – Chris Roberts, managing director of SAFE International™, announced the launch of self-defense Edmonton classes that feature women’s self-defense parties, courses for high school students, and corporate programs. “SAFE International’s goal is to teach violence prevention strategies to as many people as possible through a self-defense experience that is honest, memorable and effective!” said Roberts. From cafes and dog parks to airports and colleges, violence and confrontations are becoming more common and it’s essential that individuals know how to defend themselves. Self-defense classes Edmonton are an investment in personal safety that’s...
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