Canada's Most Dangerous Cities: Sexual Assault

I have brought this up briefly in the past but thought worthy of mention again in a bit more detail.  Our business SAFE International has taught self defense to more than 200,000 people since 1994 and while that might sound like a large number, it is just a tiny, miniscule drop in the bucket compared to how many do not learn self defense or cornwalleven feel they need it.  In previous blogs I have spoken about apathy and denial and how some people do not think or feel they need to learn self defense because they "live in a safe neighbourhood" with no crime, or they feel their loved ones or even dog will protect them if they do fall prey to violence.  Then those times they do find themselves in a violent encounter the go into denial where they freeze not knowing what to do because they felt it never could or would happen to them.   I live near Cornwall, ON and like many cities, most residents feel they are exempt from violence.  Well MacLean's magazine has done their research in several areas regarding violence. 


Guess what, the city of Cornwall, ON ranks #1 in their study of 
Canada's Most Dangerous Cities: Sexual Assault 
As it states in the article, "The Canadian rate is 62 assaults per 100,000 population". 





Cornwall, Ont.



Saint John, N.B.



Fredericton, N.B.



The population of Cornwall, ON is approximately 47,000 which to many is considered relatively small.  The point is that violence happens everywhere, from the smallest of towns to the largest of cities and no one is immune from it, but everyone can learn about violence, how to recognize it, hopefully avoid it, or deal with it if one falls victim to it. 

Take the case of violence against women and the fact that 1 in 3 women will be assaulted during their lifetime which has been shown in countless studies.  I can assure you it is happening in your small town or city regardless of where you live.  Whether it is down the street at your neighbours, a few blocks away or even in your home, it is happening.  But most do not talk about it out of fear if they are the one being victimized. Most often it is kept quiet for several reasons whether that be the predator intimidating their victim through physical or verbal abuse, financial abuse all the way up to the local city council or officials who do not want their town to "look bad".

The first step is recognising it happens everywhere.  Violence does not care about your income, gender, race, religion, but it does care to destroy lives through those who use it for their own personal gain. 

So, what is the point of this blog?  The point is that you have the power and choice to educate yourself, your children, your loved ones and even complete strangers if you decide to pursue the education cause unfortunately most people do not seek it out till they have fallen prey to it. 

We all pay for life insurance, car insurance, home insurance, but few take the time to insure what is most important, “ourselves” while we are alive.  Women are more likely to be sexually assaulted than in a car accident or home fire, but we never talk about it or want to admit it, BUT NOW YOU KNOW! 

Seek out a professional to educate those who are most important in your lives! 

Chris Roberts




















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