Chris Roberts

Do Not Fear The Stranger so Much in Self Defense

When we conduct our self defense seminars whether that be in high schools, privately, corporately or to a group of women, it is common for many questions to come up in regards to being attacked by the stranger lurking in an alley, on a path, or on the side of the road if your car breaks down when in fact people should look much closer to home, and most times in their own home.  Of course there are attacks committed by strangers, but the vast amount of time the attack will take place by someone known to the victim whether that be a husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or acquaintance.  The statistics do vary, but regardless of where I have found them, they all seem to agree that you are more likely to be attacked by someone known.&...
Chris Roberts

My Thoughts On "What To Do If Attacked On A Run"

In this blog I would like to offer my thoughts on an article that was in a recent issue of Men's Health titled, "How to Stay Safe On a Run—Especially When a Killer Clown Is Chasing You"  They offer some tips on what to do if attacked while on a run and a number of their recommendations cause me to pause and question. Feel free to agree, disagree, or think I am nuts, but my years of teaching have taught me there are much better ways of responding to an attack while on a jog.  Now, the whole article is in the link above, but here is the section where they offer their advice.  I will offer my thoughts after.  According to Runner’s World—a brand owned by Men’s Health’s parent company, Rodale—here’s how you can stay safe on y...
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Chris Roberts

Maybe I Am Crazy? :0)

When I watch the UFC I always say that one of the Top 3 traits I would want, would be the ability to "Take A Shot".  Often that single quality has allowed a fighter to stay in the fight until they were able to gain their composure and fight back, or to just survive the moment.  With much of our self defense training we get to condition ourselves with or without gear.  I am a fan of the Spartan Training Gear because it is impact reduction gear which means we still feel the shots, react realistically to them, and it allows for some conditioning while still doing it safely.  And when training without gear, it also happens time to time with more risk. What I would like to know is how many of you do this, or is it just me? &...
Chris Roberts

Self Defense Scenario Training With Spartan Gear

In this SAFE International blog I would like to offer a couple SAFE International YouTube Self Defense videos that show how one can get the most value out of their self defense training.  These videos were done by Marc Joseph and Martin Ferland of Spartan Training Gear, and myself, Chris Roberts of SAFE International.  Many self defense companies only teach what I call "self defense techniques" which require you memorize move A, move B, move C, etc in reaction to a specific attack without including how to use those techniques in a principle based manner.  The challenge with that is that you have to memorize these moves and they are based on an attacker doing the attack in the exact way you practiced it.  T...
Chris Roberts

The "Reality of Knife Attacks" Video Contest

I am pleased to announce a contest from SAFE International and Richard Dimtri!  A few years ago when I posted this video titled, "Reality of Knife Attacks", I knew the quality of the video wasn't perfect, but I am a believer that most people have no problem sacrificing a bit of production quality if the content of the video is excellent.  As usual, Richard has offered up in this short clip some thoughts that have gone viral.  We are presently at 997,543 views with 1429 comments, and likes compared to dislikes at 4893 to 155!  What does that tell me?  It tells me that people have really embraced his honesty and quality in teaching the topic of knife defense.  In a goal to get this video to 1,000,000 views, we wo...
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