Should Colleges Handle Sexual Assault Complaints?

Almost daily we read or hear about another sexual assault on school campuses all over the world.  College and university campuses have gained a reputation for being breeding grounds for predators.  The statistics of assaults on campuses are staggering, and despite the attempts to put programs in place to lower the number of sexual assaults, there doesn't appear to be much of a difference in the reduction of these vicious sexual assaults.  There are generally 3 options that a victim of sexual assault can make.  Those options are to contact the police, another is to let the college/university handle any investigation, and the third and most often chosen is to not tell anyone.  While one might think that the first two options are the best, one has to question very often why one would tell the school with the number of sexual assault cases that are mishandled by the schools.  Very often the schools are in a position in which they put their reputation before the rights of the victim.  The details are often disgusting putting blame on the victim which is a big reason in my opinion why people don't want to come forward.  Yes, many schools handle these cases very well, but more and more often we hear outrageous stories of schools putting the victim in a worse position than if they hadn't reported anything. What are your thoughts?

Here is a story that triggered me to write this on my blog. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/07/13/us/how-one-college-handled-a-sexual-assault-complaint.html?_r=0

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Chris Roberts

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