Why Your Daughters Should Learn Self Defense

In a world where we enjoy a degree of security within our personal lives it is all too easy to forget that human life is both precious and fragile.

It is almost as if we close our minds to the possibility that in one instant our lives can be turned upside down in a second, and in that second another human being alters our lives forever because one day they just ‘chose’ to attack you.  This danger is ever present in society and the risk of being attacked is perhaps a lot greater than you could ever appreciate and for women this risk is a lot higher.

But why are females at greater risk of attack and assault? Well not for the reasons you might think, it has little to do with walking home alone at night, it has nothing to do with where they parked their car. Instead the sole reason that the risk to females from physical attack is greater comes down to one simple fact. They are in a relationship.

Yes according to UN statistics 70 % of women have experienced physical violence and or sexual violence at the hands of an intimate partner. This data should be shocking to everyone. At its most basic level this means that 7 out of 10 women you know may have been subject to violence from their partner, but even more shocking is that there is a huge chance that violence may affect a daughter of your own one day.

There are of course actually 3 sides to this story, men need to address their own behaviour towards women and this is of course a complicated subject but it is important and this MUST be done, however the problems go far deeper and effect children too.

In the video below (Christopher embed this one) Patrick Stewart talks about his experiences of Domestic Abuse from the perspective of his childhood. Again the children in domestic violence situations are often forgotten victims.


So why now as one of Canada’s most well known Self Defense Experts am I telling people that your daughters need to learn self defence? Surely I am not saying that females need to fight their male partners?

I can understand why you would be thinking this, however self defense training is far more than a collection of techniques, it begins with an understanding of violence and rights.

For our younger female students we start by talking about their human right to enjoy a life without being either afraid or a victim of violence. Our students understand physical boundaries and how to make sure those boundaries are respected.

I feel it is essential that the younger generations learn how violence can enter their lives, and learn how to deal with this in the most appropriate way and how a person should not be subjected to a life of domestic abuse and there are services that offer support.

You may be reading this and have not considered your daughter learning self defense. You may actually be ‘anti’ violence but ask yourself this. Is your daughter equipped with the knowledge to deal with violence?

This of course does not just apply to the future when they are married or living with someone. This applies now. How will she deal with the young admirer who won’t take ‘no’ for an answer?

How will she deal with the boyfriend who tries to stop her seeing her friends?

The video below is a great example of this.


Self Defense training for women is not the only solution to this issue but it is a process of education for females that gives them the skills and knowledge to both prevent violence entering their lives and if they have to, deal with the violence.

If you are reading this and are considering enrolling your daughter into self defense training then SAFE international can help. We have provided more than 190,000 people self defense training so far and have been featured on national TV.

This article is not designed to scare monger but to educate you. The risk of violence and especially domestic violence against women is high, far too high. Ignoring the problem won’t solve it, but reducing the amount of victims and females that tolerate violence will help.

Self Defense Education is one of the most effective methods to change the violence statistics.

Our message is simple, don’t be a victim. Be SAFE!

Keep SAFE!

Chris Roberts


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Monday, 19 August 2019
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