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Defense Against a Front Choke

The Front Choke attack requires one do damage immediately to survive most often! In this short excerpt from the SAFE International resource library for our instructors, Richard Dimitri and yours truly offer a few minutes of our philosophy on dealing with the front choke!  The front choke is a common attack women face particularly in domestic violence scenarios.  As we mention in the video, one is not defending against a move, but rather the intention behind the move which is much more powerful.  With a front choke attack there is a lot of rage so one must be prepared to fight back immediately due to the seriousness of such an attack and.  Check it out...










If one is in the pre-contact phase of an attack they can be more prepared for defense against a choke by having their hands up in the passive stance. If one sees any pre-contact cues they may strike immediately or even pre-emptively based on the verbal dialogue of the conflict. A front choke is considered a life threatening attack so one must face the threat quickly. 

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