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Feeling Guilt For Doing The Right Thing

I was recently teaching at a school where a teacher shared with me a series of incidents that had happened with a few of their students.  She told me that a student showed up at their classroom in a state of panic indicating that a man at the bus stop had touched her.  Two other students at this same school shared similar stories, all describing the same man and how he made conversation with them in an attempt to gain trust and close proximity.  An undercover officer was placed in the location posing as a young woman waiting for the bus and a man was arrested after similar actions.  The man was charged and to the best of my knowledge he was jailed for about 12 months.  Interestingly, even despite his disgusting actions, one of the girls who was able to come forward and give evidence that put this scumbag in jail, she still went through remorse at having put another person in jail for something she wasn't sure warranted jail time.  He "only" touched me was her feeling and she felt guilty for putting this man behind bars, but in my opinion she has shown a huge level of bravery as did the other girls by reporting it and testifying against him.  I love the fact that many people are still kind, thoughtful, caring people, and I never want people to lose these traits.  I feel bad that she feels bad, and she needs to know that the odds are this man would most likely have escalated things much further than "just" touching other women.  By testifying they have now prevented this guy from possibly sexually assaulting other women.  They should all be very proud of their actions.  On another note, it was found out that he was friends with dozens of students on Facebook where he could access their profiles and learn much about them that would aid him in locating them and where they went to school.  Almost everyone we teach never expects to be attacked, but unfortunately it is a reality and we all must take all the necessary steps to keep our lives private from those who have no business knowing it.

Keep SAFE!

Chris Roberts

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Friday, 13 December 2019
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