So You Are Being Choked, What Now?

So You Are Being Choked, What Now?

Here is the first of 3 videos showing some of the options you may have if defending against the Front Choke. Attacking back with gross motor striking/shredding rather than fancy, complicated, memorized techniques gives you your best chance of escape. A front choke is a life threatening attack and doing anything less than damage immediately lowers your chances of survival.  Trying to out muscle your attacker by knocking their arms off or attempting to spin out of it has little effect if the attacker is stronger.  

As my friend Richard Dimitri likes to say, "If attacked, you must be engaged in hurting them or they will be engaged in hurting you!"

The scenario and its variables will dictate how far you must or can go in defending yourself.  There may be times when you can stun and run, and there may be times when you must go much further to survive.  Another common thing I see is self defense instructors teaching how to get out of a choke, but little time spent on recognizing the pre-contact cues of an attack which is the ideal time to deal with it if escape first and foremost was not possible. 

As always, please feel free to agree, disagree, or offer some better solutions if you have them. 

Keep SAFE!

Chris Roberts

SAFE International 


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