What Does This Interview With Bill Cosby Tell Us

Bill Cosby has had more than a couple dozen accusers who have come forward to claim he drugged and sexually assaulted him.  There are people who support the women, and there are those who support Bill Cosby.  While I have my own feelings on whether he is guilty or not, I want to take a look at this video in which he did an interview with Larry King back in 1991.  Some of the things he says in this video are very problematic in my opinion, and in fact are downright disgusting.  View the video and then I will offer my thoughts.


Cosby talks about “Spanish fly" and he goes into actual detail, talking about taking a drop equal to the head of a pin and putting it in a girl’s drink. The girl would drink it and then Cosby describes the rest as “Hello America…”.  Firstly, he says that all boys from age 11 to death will still be searching for Spanish Fly.

Mr. Cosby!  I have never searched for, and have never wanted to find a product to drug a woman in order to have sexual relations with them.  I always preferred to treat women with decency and respect, and if I was to have a relationship with them, I would choose it being consensual over taking away their consciousness in order to have a sexual relationship.  Drugging them is not a "relationship", but rather a one way act of violence.  I am sure you would argue that you are a comedian and this is just your style of humour, but I get a strong sense it is much more than that.

I am also blown away by how many people are dumb enough to think that "Dr. Huxtable" could never have done this.  Are people so stupid that they think he is who he played on a television show?  Sadly it appears that way with many people.  Or those who say he is an icon as if that is reason enough to leave him alone and not investigate this further.  If I was accused of what you were, I would be on every single television show challenging every single accuser if it took the rest of my life, but am I am not you!

Here are some statistics from the website www.sexualityandu.ca:
Statistics on drug-facilitated sexual assault:

  • About 25% of women report that drugs were a factor in a rape

  • Most of these crimes either go unrecognized, unreported, unsolved, or unproven

  • Some of the drugs used to facilitate sexual assault or rape can be fatal when mixed with alcohol.

  • “Date-rape” drugs are also commonly used recreationally, putting the user at risk of sexual assault.

  • Adolescent females (16-19 years) and young adult women (20-24 years) are 4 times more likely to be sexually assaulted than women in other age groups.

  • Most sexual assaults are committed by an acquaintance or date

  • It is estimated that approximately 75% of all rapes are date or acquaintance rapes

  • The most frequently detected drug in victims of drug-facilitated sexual assault is alcohol. The second most common is marijuana.

As always I welcome your thoughts on this SAFE International Blog Post

Chris Roberts

Managing Director

SAFE International

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Monday, 19 August 2019
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