Maybe I Am Crazy? :0)

When I watch the UFC I always say that one of the Top 3 traits I would want, would be the ability to "Take A Shot".  Often that single quality has allowed a fighter to stay in the fight until they were able to gain their composure and fight back, or to just survive the moment.  With much of our self defense training we get to condition ourselves with or without gear.  I am a fan of the Spartan Training Gear because it is impact reduction gear which means we still feel the shots, react realistically to them, and it allows for some conditioning while still doing it safely.  And when training without gear, it also happens time to time with more risk.

What I would like to know is how many of you do this, or is it just me?  If am just living my life and I bang my knee or elbow against something like a wall, barrier or even falling on the ground, I will smile right away and try to think of it as a training experience in regards to be hit with an unseen shot.  I will often smile in pain, but think positive about the experience.  Recently I was in my basement in the crawlspace and I SMASHED my forehead into a beam above me (not on purpose lol), and immediately I said out loud, "Nice Shot".

Does anyone else do this and do you see value or not in looking at things this way? Or am I just crazy?

Chris Roberts

SAFE International



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Monday, 19 August 2019
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