My Violence Prevention Inspiration

My Violence Prevention Inspiration
This might go against conventional thinking, but that is on purpose! In the Violence Prevention & Self Defense industry, most might think it logical to work on attracting other self-defence instructors or martial artists to spread the mission or message of your company. And while many are excellent, with SAFE International I am much more interested in those who have faced, experienced, lived with violence whether that be through domestic violence, family violence, assault, or any form of abuse BECAUSE they often have a hunger, desire, need, motivation to help make others NEVER EVER experience what they have experienced! I have worked with several of these people, most often women, but not always, and the look of sadness, but also determination, passion, and a drive which I can see in their eyes leaves me speechless. These are the individuals who I respect, admire, and want to have in my life representing our Mission!

Keep SAFE!
Chris Roberts

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Sunday, 15 September 2019
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