Need Battle Scars? Read This!

Let's face it; going through life without any scars to show or really cool stories to tell is kind of embarrassing. You know the situations I'm talking about, you and your buddies are sitting around and one guy shows where he got bitten by a shark and so the next guy has to top that scar by showing where he got cut in a bar over some girl.

Meanwhile, as the scars get bigger and the tales grow taller you're left sitting there with nothing but a faded scraped knee from when you were 5 and an appendectomy scar. It is not only embarrassing it is kind of demoralizing to be the odd man out.

Thankfully, as our world has grown progressively more dangerous it is easier than ever to become part of the 'in crowd' and gain your own set of scars and fresh wounds to show off to your friends.

Just follow these helpful hints.

Don't be Afraid to Flash

Nothing will get you more attention faster than wearing lots of gold chains, diamond rings, an expensive watch and flashing a big wad of cash.

In certain neighborhoods and bars, this is guaranteed to get you an exciting story to tell in mere minutes.

Strut Your Stuff

So what if you're a 90 lb toothpick, act like your 7 feet, 300 lbs of rock crushing meanness, looking for a fight. You can just ignore your surroundings and anyone else in the area, after all, you're too tough to mess with.

When Faced With a Mugger Never Back Down

  1. When faced with the people the above behavior is going to attract, never back down. When they get in your face, get in theirs. What if there are five of them, think of the scars you'll gain and story you'll have to tell. Besides, if you act tough enough the robbers might actually back down and apologize. That would really be a cool story.
  2. Always fight to keep your valuables. Why should you give up your $5 Casio or vintage Velcro wallet? Sure, you might get killed, but your out for excitement, right.
  3. If your attacker is armed, be sure and try that cool disarming technique you saw on YouTube. If it doesn't work, no big deal, you have all those moves you picked up from watching UFC, to fall back on.

Never Ever Seek Professional Self DefenseTraining

Last but most important, whatever you do, don't get professional training. Attending self-defense classes, especially an intensive program, like one of Rich 'n Robert's "Eat, Train, Sleep" retreats, is one of the quickest ways to blow any chance you might have of being able to show off your own set of cool scars.

Seriously, once you have spent hours learning:

  • To analysis, pre-contact cues of violence
  • Knife Defense
  • Ground Survival
  • Strategies to defend against multiple attackers
  • To train with realistic scenarios
  • And much more

You will be prepared to do lots of things, in even the most unpredictable situations, but going out and gaining war wounds to show off, to your friends, won't be one of them.

Then again, if you would rather talk about the situation you avoided, escaped from, or survived instead of the beating you took; it might be just the thing you are looking for.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details and scheduling.

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