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Park Your Car In Forward Or Back It In? SAFE International Self Defense

Whenever I conduct my SAFE Women's Self Defense Parties or Corporate Courses, we do a segment on car safety.  One of the topics we discuss  is the advantage of backing into parking spots rather than driving in parked forward.  Why would it matter?

Picture this.   You have approached your car and have gotten in.  Maybe you locked the door, maybe you didn't.  Maybe you are checking cell phone messages before driving away or are about to leave.  Regardless, if someone began smashing on your window or reaching in through the open window, the percentages that you could put the key in, start the car, put it in reverse and navigate your way backwards successfully is very low.  Why?  The surge of adrenaline with such an immediate attack makes it very difficult to perform tasks I detailed.  Putting the key in, or even if it is, the ability to put it in reverse and back out are fine motor skills which are difficult to perform in a state of stress.

But, if you have backed into your spot, immediately locked the doors, and start the car, it would be much easier to just drive straight out given the same scenario.  I have at times even had my car started, in drive with my foot on the brake so that all I would have to do is take my foot off the brake to be accelerating immediately.

I also like to approach my car from the front because if you look in to the back seat and found someone hiding there, you would have the ability to slam the door back in on them if they attempted to open it once being caught giving you a much better chance to escape.  If you approached from the back they would have an easier opportunity to get the door open and throw you in the vehicle.

I always teach there are no guarantees in any scenario, so one should establish the best plans to lower the chances of becoming a victim.

Chris Roberts

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Sunday, 23 February 2020
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