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What Is The Problem With This Bullying Advice?

I found a website with more than one piece of advice on dealing with bullying that I find to be less than optimal.  The one tip I read was to,

"Use visualization. Bullies can be pretty scary. Picturing that person looking silly might help to make them less problematic for you. For example, picture the bully’s head shrinking, or picture the bully in his or her underwear."

I think it might be a little difficult to picture this while the bully is possibly beating on the victim or verbally abusing them.  To say to do something does not mean it can be done without some discussion or tips on how to do it.  Even then how does this cause the bully to change their behaviour? I think we might want to work on building confidence in oneself with verbal strategies, physical strategies, and mental strategies, but to go to just picturing the bully's head shrinking might not be the best.


Chris Roberts

SAFE International

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If It Were Only That Simple To Deal With Bullies

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Thursday, 21 November 2019
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