SAFE International Interviews 'Violence'

For this SAFE International blog we have a very special guest.  I have been given a once in a lifetime opportunity to interview someone who affects the lives of every single person on earth.  I am not aware of such an interview ever having been granted so I am very humbled to have this opportunity.  This is a transcript and abbreviated version of my interview with this special guest. 

SAFE Satirical1We hope you will gain some insights, tips, and appreciation for what our guest has to say and who he or she is!  If you enjoy this interview let us know as we may be able to schedule a live interview in the future. 


Chris:  I am thrilled today to have this amazing opportunity to interview someone who is respected by some, feared by most, misunderstood by so many, but known to everyone.  Welcome Mr. Violence.  Or should I call you Mrs? Or are you like Madonna or Prince preferring to go by one name

Violence:  I am sexless much like Madonna, Prince, or Cher. I don't mean sexless as in....ah nevermind, you know what I mean.

Chris:  For those who may not know you, could you please introduce yourself?

Violence:  Don't know me lol?  I don’t believe I need any introductions as humanity and I have and continue to have close personal relations; but you can refer to me as ‘Violence’.

Chris:  Ok 'Violence' it is.  Take me back to your childhood.  What was it like?

Violence:  It was violent, very violent. 

Chris:  Care to expand on that answer?

Violence:  No, don't push your luck! I haven't even had my first cup of coffee yet which I was promised.  And if you try to fool me with that Decaf crap, this interview will be very short!  

Chris:  When did you realize you could make an impact on society and did you ever expect to have such a huge influence on so many?

Violence:  I was born of Fear and Ego and so I was born out of both necessity and subservience. I realized I made an impact long before humanity’s earliest evidence and documented record of my existence which only dates back roughly 150 to 200 thousand years ago.

I am an instinctive behavioral response to perceived threats of countless kinds. I am considered immoral and illegal if called upon when other options of dealing with perceived threats are present and viable. I am also considered moral, legal and ethical if resorted to when all other options to provide protection, safety, defense and security have failed.

Chris:  Who are some of your closest friends? Ego I suppose lol?

Violence:  Hardy har har!  No! Ego’s my dad as I mentioned earlier, and I don’t have any friends. I have associates I work closely with such as insecurity, jealousy, rage and cowardice. I’ve also been known to team with vengeance, pride, hate and ignorance to namedrop but a few but I’m only bragging now.

Chris:  Where do you like to hangout, or what is a typical day or night out for you?

ViolenceWell, I can usually be found anywhere where most of my above associates tend to be. I am also a big fan of alcohol and certain mental illnesses. Since ignorance and stupidity tend to manifest me as well, I can also be found in many areas where education is scarce.

I also wear many hats… for example, I can be self-directed, collective, targeted, non-physical, sexual, domestic, interpersonal, social, anti-social, global and more…

Like deities however, I work in mysterious and often, different and contradictory ways, how any individual resorts to my services and to what degree they do is a complex combination of many varying circumstances and it is almost impossible to know exactly the where’s and why’s I come into play.

Chris:  When did you consider this as a perfect career choice and did your parents support it?

ViolenceHonestly, I didn’t have any choice or say in the matter, I was born as an integral part of humanity. Just to give you an idea, I am the direct cause in the deaths of an estimated 1.28 million people in 2013, but what most don’t realize, is that I am quite preventable for the most part. Not always, but for the most part, but that seems to be my little secret.  

You see, there is a strong correlation between the various levels of (if I may refer to myself in the 3rd person here) Violence and societal modifiable factors such as manmade concentrated poverty, income, gender, race and cultural inequalities, the use and abuse of alcohol and certain drugs, the absence of safe, stable, and nurturing relationships and/or environments between children and parents (abuse) to name but a few. There are countless strategies addressing my fundamental causes that can be efficiently taught and learned to both prevent and circumvent me.  Did you get all that Chris?  You seem to be staring off into space a bit with that answer.

Chris:  Why do most people think they will never meet you, or even bump into you?

Violence:  Ah yes, I failed to mention the 2 particular crutches most people lean on when it comes to potentially meeting me along their journeys; apathy and denial. These are my victim’s biggest and most dominant traits and most of the first world humanity’s predominant characteristics. Cemeteries, sexual assault centers, hospitals, morgues, trauma centers and the like are filled with people who were plagued by these 2 culprits and ended up running into me.

Apathy and denial are pathways to victimization and a golden invite for me to show up at your parties.

Chris:  What do you fear, or do you have any fears?

Violence:  I fear nothing!  I am much too ingrained in human DNA to have any fears of being out of work or becoming obsolete.

Chris:  You don't even fear clowns? I hate clowns!  Anyways, I digress.  If you could give just one piece of advice to anyone who might be reading this, what would it be?

ViolenceNot that it will make any difference in the grand scheme of life and your species as it stands today, but if I can offer you some advice out of personal experience, I tend not to make appearances where people are predominantly educated, kind, patient, cordial, polite and resort to dialogue and concise communication. As my parents are Ego and Fear and I still live with both of them, learning how to manage and control my parents has a direct and observable calming reaction on me. Use me to protect and defend as opposed to harm and destroy and I will be your greatest ally, use me to harm and destroy as opposed to protect and defend and I will more often than not, end up working against you and no one ever ‘wins’ but me when I am present….

Chris:  What are the top 3 misconceptions that people have about you?

Violence:  We touched upon some of these already, but the greatest one is that I will never make an appearance in their lives. Then there is the one that lumps every aspect of my multi-faceted personalities into one and the third is that I am considered a first response to perceived threats.

Chris:  Why have you never given an interview like this before? 

ViolenceI um… I dunno…. I guess… well… no one ever asked.  

Chris:  Do you have any final words you would like to share with our readers?

Violence: Love me or hate me, I don't care, but best to learn about me and how I might save your life!  I am outta here HUMANITY!

Keep SAFE!

Chris Roberts


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Monday, 19 August 2019
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