SAFE International Self Defense "Musts & Hopes" For 2014

December 31, 2013, Toronto, Canada - In this SAFE International Self Defense blog I would like to offer up some Musts & Hopes for SAFE International, SAFE Certified Self Defense partners and myself in 2014!  Now some of these I will have no way to measure, but do hope for!  Some of these might even go off topic, but they are from the heart, not pre-planned or written out list.  


1)  More and more people experience what is like to feel safe, or at least safer, wherever they live in the world.  So chilling to think how many millions of people don't even get to experience this basic feeling.

SAFEIntMission2)  Ensure that thousands more women and men feel empowered through our self defense teachings to avoid violence, or deal with violence quickly and effectively if left no other option!

3)  Hundreds of thousands less kids have to witness, or experience violence in their homes.

4)  That women and men find the strength to leave abusive relationships. 

5)  That thousands of bullies learn there is a better way to cope! Yes, the bullies need help as well, don't they Michael Panebianco

6)  That more teens and women come to me with stories of fear, so that I, and other SAFE International self defense instructors may be able to help in some small way!

7)  That I continue to meet amazing human beings who can spread the teachings of SAFE International self defense to their communities. 

8)  That women who have been questioning, or even blaming themselves for becoming victims of violence, KNOW they did nothing wrong.  

9)  That more people learn that self defense doesn't have to be an intimidating, or even scary experience through our self defense parties

10)  That self defense instructors realize they can support other self defense instructors even if they don't agree on all self defense philosophies.  

11)  That men who are victims of violence feel comfortable to share their stories with others without fear of ridicule.  

12)  That those who can't escape the nightmare of violence they have experienced see some tiny light of hope!

13)  That we never lose sight or turn our back on others who might just need someone to listen or empathize!

14)  That self defense instructors and everyone NEVER blame someone for becoming a victim.  

15)  That SAFE International Self Defense crush our goal of teaching 500,000 women by 2020 through our self defense parties and high school self defense!

16)  That we all realize the importance of what just a few words of support can mean to another person just when they need to hear them. 

17)   That shutting up and listening might just be what the person we are teaching needs at that moment.  

18)   ..............please add one of yours!


Keep SAFE in 2014!

SAFE Internaternational has taught more than 180,000 women and men since 1994!  Please visit our main site at www.safeinternational.biz for more info on our women's self courses!

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