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SAFE International Ground Defense Reaction Drill

In this video we show our most recent basic ground defense video. The goal of this DRILL is to strike as quickly and effectively as possible while practicing how to bridge and throw the attacker off.

These participants are doing an excellent job after only having received TWO hours of physical training by this point.

When teaching new students, the goal is to slowly take them out of their comfort zone increasing the intensity with each drill so that their circle of ability increases each time.  If one goes too easy, you rob the student of the realism, and if the drill is too hard, you run the risk of disempowering them.


You can check out other videos similar to this as well as ones that are much more advanced by going to our SAFE International Self Defense YouTube page. 

SAFE International has taught self defense to more than 190,000 women since 1994! For more information on our courses visit www.safeinternational.biz
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Friday, 13 December 2019
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