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Self-Defence in Sydney Australia

In any profession or industry, there are those who immediately come to mind and others who are mainstream and then those who fly under the radar whether on purpose or not caring for the fame that many might seek. Well, the self-defence industry is no different. Well, one of those guys lives near Sydney, Australia. His name is Jeff Phillips, and he is a Violence Prevention/Self Defence instructor hailing from the Penrith, NSW area. Jeff is also the Managing Director of SAFE International™ for the Sydney area.
SAFE ChangingLivesLogo AusI met Jeff online on Facebook around or about 2013. We began chatting on the topic of self-defence, and it quickly became evident to me that Jeff was one who was, like myself, looking to make those he teaches a little safer, plain and simple. He was already running a successful self-defence school which if anyone knows is difficult to do compared to running a martial arts club where you can easily attract kids and adults running them through black belt programs, etc., but to run a full-time self- defence club is a real challenge.
It was soon after that when I made my way over along with Richard Dimitri to one of my favourite countries to meet Jeff and thrilled to have him represent SAFE International™ in the Sydney area. Jeff invited us to watch and join in with a few of his classes the one evening. What immediately hit us was how creative Jeff was in running his classes. Where so often you will see students of self-defence repeatedly hitting pads hundreds and hundreds of times with little to no context, Jeff had his students doing much more than just pad work but also running gauntlets with multiple people simulating numerous possible scenarios one might encounter. There was no attempt by anyone to make anyone "look good" for the sake of ego, but at the same time, there was an air of support and encouragement between all the students regardless of age or gender that was so cool to see. I knew right then and there that Jeff was going to be a perfect compliment to the SAFE team. Notice I have not said anything about Jeff's self-defence abilities? That is because as I tell people often who come looking for a SAFE Certification, "I don't care what you can do, but I do care what our clients are capable of doing!". And while, yes Jeff is VERY TALENTED physically he is more talented in teaching others how to get the most out of themselves in a short period in regards to their safety and how they can increase their chances of avoiding or dealing with violence if that time comes.
So what does Jeff specialize in teaching? Jeff is one of the few self-defence instructors who can teach anyone regardless of it being for themselves or if job-related specific. But if I might promote him as being particularly talented, it is in the areas that SAFE International™ focuses on being the following:

Workplace Health & Safety Training
Self Defence Courses/Parties for Women
High School Self Defence
Seniors Safety Courses
Corporate Lunch & Learns/Courses
Plus much more!

56632029 283837722533504 9045319795322388480 nJeff presently in addition to these courses teaches programs for TAFE NSW. What is TAFE NSW? You can check it out here https://www.tafensw.edu.au/ They are a Registered Training Organisation who offer high-quality training opportunities.

Or if possible, contact Jeff via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or even better stop by and see Jeff. He is located at Western Sydney University Werrington South.
You can also read more about Jeff by visiting his website page at




Please check out our whole site at www.safeinternational.biz

Keep SAFE!

Chris Roberts

Managing Director, SAFE International™

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