The goal with most self-defense courses or certifications is to offer training focused solely on self-defense. In our logo, you can read SAFE International, EdmontonlogoChanging & Saving Lives. Well, we at SAFE International have a different goal. We receive comments and testimonials on how the training we have conducted has gone beyond expectations and anticipations in a self-defense course.

Particularly with our SAFE 360 Self-Defense Certification in which we get to spend upwards of 15 hours with people. Most come to us for training so that they can represent SAFE International in making their communities safer. We are told our approach to personal safety is therapeutic, even holistic. We often receive emails or calls years later expressing how our program has given individuals the confidence to deal with something completely separate from self-defense.

Here is an example of a recent email I received that also illustrates what I am saying.

Chris,  I wanted to share my experience this morning with you.

I took my dog for a walk around the neighbourhood - a usual route. But today, I felt different. It kind of sounds corny lol!

I was definitely more aware of my environment (not tuned out of what was around me), but there was something else.

As I was walking, there was a big guy on the sidewalk approaching me. Before the course with you, I wouldn't say that I ever felt fear or nervousness in this type of situation (at least not consciously), but now I'm wondering if I did and never recognized it.

As we passed each other, I felt different. Not aggressive or bold but maybe less intimidated? I think what I felt was more confidence — knowing that if he was an asshole, I would know what to do.

And for the rest of the walk, I noticed that I felt more empowered and confident in myself. I wouldn't have guessed that my walk this morning would feel so different!!SAFE360

The funny thing about it is that "more confidence" is the EXACT THING my clients tell me they want. And they think it will come from losing weight. And so this is what I have always focused on - weight loss.

Now, I'm thinking that losing 5, 10, 15lbs is NOT what they need in order to feel confident. It's your program!!!!  I just wanted you to know :)
Thank you for all you do! Your program is amazing :)

- Nat

If any of this story resonates with you or causes you to reflect on how or where you might be able to help others, please visit the rest of this site or visit our specific SAFE International Certification site at

One does not need any exceptional experience to represent SAFE, but rather a passion or desire to help others avoid, recognize and deal with violence. Many of our certified instructors have experienced violence firsthand and have been looking for an avenue to help others avoid similar experiences and fate.  You can also email me directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Keep SAFE!
Chris Roberts