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If It Were Only That Simple To Deal With Bullies

I am not sure it is this easy.  I found these suggestions on a website about how to deal with bullies.

Suggestions for ignoring the bully:

  • Walk away when the bully approaches you. Try and imagine that you’re walking away from a friend. This can be a way of making sure your body language (which you’re usually unaware of) doesn’t give away a sense of fear;

  • Concentrate on something else. Try thinking about what you’ll do next weekend, counting to 100, or planning your homework;

  • Have a saying or a statement that you can repeat in your head when the bully approaches you to block out a sense of fear.

My Thoughts

- What if you can't walk away.  Far too simplistic to say walk away! What if they chase you or what if you are blocked with no exit?

-  How can someone concentrate on something else if confronted with someone who is being verbally or may be physically abusive? Think about what you are going to do next weekend?  I suggest the only thought for most is fear if they have never been taught how to deal with bullies.

-  Saying a statement in your head without any direct strategies to deal with the bully will not have any effect on the bully.

What do you think?

Chris Roberts


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Tuesday, 22 October 2019
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