Last summer I experienced a little scare after I went for a morning jog. Halfway through my run, I noticed a middle aged man was following me on his bicycle. I started to panic because I was in an empty area where there were barely any stores or restaurants open. I started running faster, heading towards a residential area. I ran over to the closest house and rang the doorbell. As the door started to open, the man on the bicycle quickly sped off. I explained to a woman who’s Sunday morning I had interrupted what had just happened. She was extremely understanding and helpful, and she even let me use her home phone to call my sister and ask for a ride home.

The encounter set me back from jogging a few weeks. I started to miss my daily jogs and decided not to let what had happened control my life. I heard of Safe International from a colleague, and decided to sign up for some classes.

I wanted to share some of what I learned, what I like to call “running smart tips”:


Now that summer is here, more people will opt to exercise outdoors in the sun. Enjoy the sunshine and the fresh air but keep the guidelines above on your mind the next time you head out for a run.

Maya A.