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The Use of Violence & Its Consequences

I want to share one of the most important videos I have seen in regards to The Use of Violence and Its Consequences when not used for self-defence, but rather to fight. Often it is easy to tell people what these consequences may be, but when you hear them from someone who is living with those decisions made, it gives you a completely different outlook. And most people think it affects only the victim and their attacker, but in reality, it affects everyone in their lives. It changes and often destroys the lives of their families, friends, and other loved ones.

This video features a gentleman by the name of Ahmad Bajouri.  To read about his case you can follow this link... Supreme Court of New South Wales - Court of Criminal Appeal  Then I would like you to please listen to Ahmad in this video on SAFE International Sydney partner Jeff Phillips YouTube page where he is looking to reach a group of people with his message about split-second decisions that he made and the consequences of those choices.

It is a good example and sadly a common one of someone who appears to have everything they want in life and how it can disappear in a moment from one seemingly insignificant decision. We all make decisions that alter our lives, but his goal if I was to guess and one we have at SAFE International is to if nothing more, make people a little more aware of what can happen with the potential of violence. Just my opinion, but I think if you were to ask someone why they decided to knock someone out with a punch, they would say something like, "He needed to be taught a lesson" or, "He provoked me to do it!", or "I had to show him no one talks to me like that!", Etc. But if there was any slight chance they knew what the result might or could be, would they still choose that decision? Maybe yes, but perhaps not and that is all we can hope one person might get from seeing a video like this.

Most often it is our ego that we are fighting against, so when presented a conflict and our egos are not in check, or we are affected by alcohol or drugs, that rational decision making goes out the window.

I believe that at a minimum someone will hear his message and make a decision or not make a decision that could destroy their lives, but because they might not make that decision, they will never know how close they came to be in a similar position to Ahmad. 

Ahmad makes mention about being caught on camera, and we at SAFE International have always taught people the only two assumptions you can and should make in a self-defence situation or a fight is that your opponent is armed or has friends. I think I might now add after 25 years of teaching self-defence and the evolution of social media and the use of cell-phones is that you can also assume someone is filming you. That video can either help you or harm you if it goes to court. 

In closing, you can judge Ahmad however you like, but I find it very valuable to hear someone who has to live with decisions he has made and the consequences of those decisions. So on that level much respect to him for trying to prevent someone from going through a similar experience.

Keep SAFE!

Chris Roberts

Managing Director, SAFE International


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