Chris Roberts

Your Actions Can Stop Bullying

I want to share a video from SAFE International Sydney director Jeff Phillips.  In this video he addresses the topic of bullying from his experience as a self defense instructor, school teacher, and as one who experienced bullying in his younger years.  Please watch the video and I will offer some additional thoughts after.   In a short time Jeff offers some excellent tips in addressing bullying.  Far too often all the focus is put on the bully and how to deal with them, when in fact the victim of the bullying has many strategies that they might implement to stop it.  Here is how I internalized what Jeff was saying with a few of my own thoughts as well.   1)  Accountability - the one constant in...
Chris Roberts

How "Cappers" Attack Online

ISS 7402 05334I have never been very computer savvvy often struggling with technology, but over the years I have worked on educating myself more, particularly in the area of online safety and how it applies to the biggest target market that SAFE International teaches which is our youth.  We spend most of our time teaching how to deal with people who may be face to face to their attacker in regards to violence, but more and more it is becoming popular for "attackers" to use the internet as their way to attack, very often never even coming face to face with their victim.  One high profile case is the one of Amanda Todd who was stalked, bullied, and eventually committed suicide as her way out of this tragedy.  The documentary on Amanda Todd w...
Chris Roberts

Do Some Criminals Want to Get Caught?

Do Some Criminals Want to Get Caught?
I was doing a little research on criminals and whether or not on some level they do want to get caught at some point in their criminal career. At SAFE International we teach that attackers do not want to get caught so part of one's self defense response verbally or physically should include skills that address that.  Another reason I began to question whether they want to get caught or not is because we increasingly hear stories where people perform acts of violence where you think they must know they will likely die or at a minimum be seriously injured. And then we often read stories of the "World's Dumbest Criminals" who take ridiculous chances or make seemingly stupid decisions which might cause us to think, they must want to be cau...
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