Chris Roberts

To Yell or Not to Yell in Self Defense

An angry young woman shouts with wide open mouth and hands near her face.The majority of our SAFE International clients are women.  One of the questions I often get is, "If an attacker tells me NOT to yell or they will kill me, should I yell?" As always, I can't give any definite answers, but I will ask people to consider the following: -  why do they not want you to yell?  One of the things attackers do not want is to get caught and yelling attracts attention. You may be apprehended at a public location and yelling is often the first and most important strategy.  If taken to a secondary location, the odds of anyone hearing you are drastically reduced.  But again there is no guarantee any strategy will work everytime.  My recommendation is that if you decide to yell, make sure...
Chris Roberts

Grappling For Self Defense- Is It Overrated?

wrestling-100728_1280  Grappling for Self Defense- Is it Overrated? We have seen grappling begin to dominate the world in terms of self defence since the rise of the UFC,  but is it overrated ? Many years ago a skinny Brazilian named Royce Gracie entered an event called the Ultimate Fighting Championship and he not only won, but dominated far larger opponents. We saw him choke out, arm lock, and submit far bigger, often muscle bound martial arts experts with what looked like ease. The result was the globe went mad over his style of fighting which was a grappling based art called Gracie Jiu Jitsu. The end result was a grappling phenomenon like no other. Not since the Bruce Lee era was there such an advance in martial arts and self defense. However,...
Chris Roberts

Do You Feel SAFE in Underground Parking Lots

SAFE International self defense teaches thousands of women each year and one of the topics of concern for many of our clients is safety in Underground Parking Lots.  There are so many potential hazards, and for many they have to park underground if they work in the city.  Also, those living in condominiums may have underground parking.  As with every topic we teach, there are no definite answers on how to address any threat in an underground parking, but there are a number of things one can to reduce the chances of harm.  First I would like to offer up a video we did with one of our clients who was always fearful of going into her parking lot, and when you see the video of this actual parking lot you will understand. &nb...
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