Chris Roberts

Most Effective Home Invasion Decoys

In my years of teaching self defense the one topic I hear or read about that might bring out people's greatest fear, is the topic of home invasions.  The one place most people feel safe is in their home, their sanctuary.  Families may have their guard and awareness to potential trouble heightened outside of the home, but most often they drop it when they are behind their closed doors.  So to become a victim of a home invasion leaves psychological trauma for the rest of many people's lives.  Here are some examples of home invasions and how they were targeted their victims.     What is the most common decoy that these attackers will use?  Here is a quick 21 second clip that tells you.  Can you guess ...
Chris Roberts

How To Stay SAFE During A Purse Snatching

In 2011 there were 23,642 purse-snatching offenses in the US according to the FBI.   Purse snatching often happens quickly with little warning and can result in tragedy if not handled correctly.  There are no definite answers in any violent scenario, but there are some things to consider that may keep you safe.  In this first video you will see an older woman who is engaged in a very typical situation with the trunk of her car open in a parking lot.  Quickly and with no warning two assailants approach her from behind with one grabbing her purse and running back to their vehicle.  Check out the video and I will add some more thoughts after you have viewed it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npax1sWKlPg The reaction...
Chris Roberts

SAFE International Self Defense "Thought of the Day"

toughtoftheday9Here is our SAFE International Self Defense Thought of the Day in regards to self defense scenario training/pressure testing! Click on Image to Enlarge                       Keep SAFE! Chris Roberts www.safeinternational.biz
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