Chris Roberts

Self Defense Scenario Training With Spartan Gear

In this SAFE International blog I would like to offer a couple SAFE International YouTube Self Defense videos that show how one can get the most value out of their self defense training.  These videos were done by Marc Joseph and Martin Ferland of Spartan Training Gear, and myself, Chris Roberts of SAFE International.  Many self defense companies only teach what I call "self defense techniques" which require you memorize move A, move B, move C, etc in reaction to a specific attack without including how to use those techniques in a principle based manner.  The challenge with that is that you have to memorize these moves and they are based on an attacker doing the attack in the exact way you practiced it.  T...
Chris Roberts

Anyone At Anytime Can Fall Victim To Violence

One of the biggest challenges in self defense is to get people to believe that anyone at anytime can become a victim of violence.  So many people will say, "I know it happens, but it won't happen to me!"  When people call me to book a self defense seminar, I will often ask them what happened that provoked them to call me?  Many people think I must be some kind of psychic to know that, but quite frankly, most people don't even consider self defense until something happens.  That is why I congratulate people who are proactive with their safety.  As I say, you can do virtually everything "right" to avoid violence and still fall victim, and others do nothing "right", and never get attacked.  Sometimes you are just ...
Chris Roberts

Walking A Fine Line Giving Self Defense Constructive Criticism

I was thinking about something I say at almost every self defense seminar I conduct.  Inevitably, someone will share a story where they did an amazing job making choices that have helped them to avoid a potentially dangerous scenario, or with the choices they made if it did become physical to get away.  I will usually tell the group that if someone does 9 out of 10 things "considered wrong" by most self defense teachers, but they survive, then they have done an amazing job.  See, some people will do virtually everything "considered right" by most self defense instructors and they still get attacked, while others do everything "considered wrong" and never get attacked. The goal for me teaching self defense is to give people op...
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