Chris Roberts

Being Too Polite Can Be Dangerous

One of the topics that runs through all SAFE International Self Defense seminars is discussion on "How being too polite can be dangerous".  Yes, being too polite can be dangerous. Someone who is going to harm you is going to look for someone they can take advantage of.  I am not sure how many self defense companies talk about this issue, but it is very important to cover when teaching civilians in a standard self defense course. SAFE International makes this topic a priority in its teachings.  If someone offers you help and you feel uncomfortable, and your intuition kicks in, say "NO" in a confident manner, not in a threatening one.  If they keep persisting, they are ignoring the answer you just gave them which is a...
Chris Roberts

Is Your Self Defense Business And/Or Knowledge Evolving?

I can honestly say that what I teach today is a very different program than what I began teaching approximately 20 years ago.  In virtually every business, sport, or your own knowledge base on any topic, you are constantly learning, adding, deleting, or questioning new ideas, thoughts, or material.  What I taught 20 years ago is what I knew at that time.  While I do occasionally make fun of what I used to teach, I also have a respect for what I taught because I have accepted that is what I knew at the time, and believed it was "the best" I could offer my clients.  BUT, I also knew that keeping an open mind would not only be better for my own learning, but also, anything I could add that might improve my client's chances ...
Chris Roberts

What Disrespect Have You Seen At Self Defense Seminars?

Over the past 25 years I have attended many self defense seminars, and I have taught countless seminars.  I have heard stories where the instructor has been disrespectful to students, and I have heard stories where the students have been disrespectful.  That disrespect may come in the form of communication, or it may come in the form of "challenging" the students or the teacher.  I would be curious to hear what others have experienced. Which is more disrespectful? I would say that a teacher being disrespectful is worse since they are supposed to be the coach or leader at a seminar and in control of their emotions, but I have heard of times where the teacher needed to meet the challenge otherwise they may gotten hurt. One sto...
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