Chris Roberts

I Have No Definite Answers Teaching Self Defense

I was thinking about some of the topics I teach and the reactions or questions I get to those topics.  One that might seem odd for a self defense instructor to say, but I totally believe, is a statement I make at the beginning of all my courses.  I say something along the lines of, "Today, I will not have any answers to any of your questions".  After the odd looks, lol, I will say, "I will offer you many many options, but I can't give any definite answers when it comes to self defense."  People have asked if me being a so-called "self defense expert" should require I have all the answers.  I ask people to bring up that question at the end of the seminar.  At the end I will generally remind them of the question ...
Chris Roberts

Why Are Some Stories of Violence Made to Appear More Important Than Others?

I was thinking how some cases of violence, whether they be murders, sexual assaults, or other forms of violence get much more attention than others in the news/media.  I am curious whether it is as simple as the media makes one story seem bigger, more important than others, or do some stories have something in particular that catches the attention of the public more than another? I would think most would agree that stories with celebrities being violent catch our attention much more than ones without people of fame.  Are these stories any more important?  Certainly not in my opinion, but does the attention they bring a benefit in any way? As always, I would love your thoughts Keep SAFE! Chris Roberts www.safeinternationa...
Chris Roberts

What Does This Interview With Bill Cosby Tell Us

Bill Cosby has had more than a couple dozen accusers who have come forward to claim he drugged and sexually assaulted him.  There are people who support the women, and there are those who support Bill Cosby.  While I have my own feelings on whether he is guilty or not, I want to take a look at this video in which he did an interview with Larry King back in 1991.  Some of the things he says in this video are very problematic in my opinion, and in fact are downright disgusting.  View the video and then I will offer my thoughts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtZwL4c2JYA Cosby talks about “Spanish fly" and he goes into actual detail, talking about taking a drop equal to the head of a pin and putting it in a girl’s drink....
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