Chris Roberts

The Jian Ghomeshi Scandal

In Canada, the Jian Ghomeshi Scandal has been huge in the news.  This blog was sent to me by a friend to post on our SAFE International website. We often hear about powerful individuals getting away easily with harassment and abuse. CBC host and poster boy Jian Ghomeshi is the latest name to be added to the list of individuals who attempt to use their power to get away with this kind of deplorable behavior. Jian Ghomeshi’s successful show, popularity and high ratings made him a powerful man at the CBC. Up until recently the network administration opted to turn a blind eye to what was clearly a pattern of abuse of women both at work and in his private life. I am sure that the administration, contrary to their claims, was perfectly awa...
Chris Roberts

SAFE International Ground Defense Reaction Drill

In this video we show our most recent basic ground defense video. The goal of this DRILL is to strike as quickly and effectively as possible while practicing how to bridge and throw the attacker off. These participants are doing an excellent job after only having received TWO hours of physical training by this point. When teaching new students, the goal is to slowly take them out of their comfort zone increasing the intensity with each drill so that their circle of ability increases each time.  If one goes too easy, you rob the student of the realism, and if the drill is too hard, you run the risk of disempowering them. http://youtu.be/yAwE_IONmzc?list=UUSJHyzMcbGL6NSdQt9JrK4g You can check out other videos similar to this as well ...
Chris Roberts

Feeling Guilt For Doing The Right Thing

I was recently teaching at a school where a teacher shared with me a series of incidents that had happened with a few of their students.  She told me that a student showed up at their classroom in a state of panic indicating that a man at the bus stop had touched her.  Two other students at this same school shared similar stories, all describing the same man and how he made conversation with them in an attempt to gain trust and close proximity.  An undercover officer was placed in the location posing as a young woman waiting for the bus and a man was arrested after similar actions.  The man was charged and to the best of my knowledge he was jailed for about 12 months.  Interestingly, even despite his disgusting acti...
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