Chris Roberts

When Pressure Testing Is Not Really Pressure Testing

In this blog I would like to discuss how I am seeing what many in self defense call "pressure testing", but I think it is more of an illusion, or just a very minimal amount of pressure testing.  Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely believe you need to treat each client individually when pressure testing by taking into account their histories and level of comfort. And some are prepared to be tested much more physically than others, but I see many companies now donning the self defense suit, but when they begin the physical part of pressure testing I am seeing a whole lot of the attacker holding the client without much resistance and the client just punches, kicks, and knees the crap out of them.  Yes, they are wearing the gear, but...
Chris Roberts

Tips for SAFE Travel

Travellers whether female or male, should be wary of potentially dangerous situations- particularly if they are traveling alone. To remain safe, travellers need only combine common sense with a few sound rules and adequate travel preparations. Here are some tips for safe traveling: -   Keep your cash in various places when traveling. Don’t keep all your cash in the same wallet or pocket. Dividing it up may help to ensure you have some left should your wallet or purse be stolen. -   Always carry a mobile phone and make sure it is well charged. Keep a set of important numbers on hand at all times. Store the number of the police or emergency service on your phone as a precaution. -   Make arrangements for ground transportatio...
Chris Roberts

Palm Strike vs Punching

palmvsfistI have had discussed this before, but thought I would revisit it.  The pic included here offers a few advantages in using a palm strike vs punching. Now in the end, if one punches and even breaks their hand, but they get home, then GREAT!  But in my opinion using the palm strike is just smarter for many reasons, but as always, I would love your thoughts. Click on image to expand
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