Chris Roberts

Embrace Suffering For Growth

In a word, WOW!! This is a self defense blog, but this video is too important to not share.  It does have many applications in the area of self defense, but more importantly, in all areas of our lives.  Geoff Thompson discusses how suffering leads to growth.  Some of the comments he makes that really hit me are: - People are not prepared to suffer to reach their full potential - Suffering is placing yourself in front of your fears - "Feeling out of your depth everyday" leads to growth - Don't build walls around yourself to avoid suffering - Don't strive to avoid suffering, but embrace it and let it teach you the lessons of growth - "Constant Labour, Deliberate Suffering" These are just a few of the lessons I took from ...
Chris Roberts

Pros and Cons Of The Front Kick In Self Defense

I would like to offer up a video that in my opinion offers some advice that is at a minimum, very questionable because it is being sold as a self defense tip. Yes, kicking may have a place in self defense, but please remember the following: 1) Whenever you lift your leg off the ground this high you are compromising balance. If the attacker is moving forward you are most likely going to end up on the ground. 2) You may be able to strike higher at the groin, but this is often easy to block for many men. I would suggest a kick to the shins would have much higher chance of success. 3) She indicates your legs are your longest weapon, but they are traveling a further distance by going up to strike the target so they are not the closest weapon,...
Chris Roberts

Sexual Assaults on Elevator - Where Should You Stand?

In light of the recent sexual assaults I have posted about below, I thought I would post about elevator safety. Elevators are an excellent location for someone to choose a potential victim because it provides them with opportunity to isolate their victim giving them the privacy they often want.  The following video gives some visual tips on riding the elevator, but most important in my opinion is to exit or not even get on an elevator if one's intuition is giving them signals that someone is making them uncomfortable.  Don't make your politeness more of a priority than your personal safety and gut feeling.  Many will teach you to stand as far away from the buttons as possible, and if the "attacker" presses the stop button you...
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